Andrew H.’s Eargo Experience, as told to our team.

At the tender age of five, an inner ear infection lead Andrew down a lifelong path (and sometimes struggle) with his hearing health. Andrew’s parents made the tough decision in the early 1960s to puncture his eardrums to remove the fluid, leaving him with scarring on both eardrums and only half of his natural hearing ability.

As the years passed, Andrew began to realize he was missing out on conversations due to his hearing loss. He avoided social situations because of the challenges that came with concentrating on the conversation at hand. Some of his biggest struggles were with not being able to discern consonants in already blurred conversations. As a result of the scars on Andrew’s eardrums, he was told he couldn’t wear traditional hearing aids but at the age of forty, he took his first step toward hearing more of life when digital hearing aids were introduced to the hearing health market.

After managing his hearing loss for the 35 years, Andrew tested seven hearing aid models before catching an online video of our modern devices being presented at a trade show. He was intrigued and continued to read more about us before submitting a request for our sample kit.

Sleek Eargo Packaging

Andrew anticipated the arrival of his purchase and was hopeful our hearing aids would do all that the online advertisements he read claimed they would – and more. He was concerned that, even while wearing the newfound devices, he would have to continue to ask his wife to repeat herself, and that he wouldn’t be able to hear his church service, missing out on the key messages from each sermon.

The result? He was “surprised,” noting that not only did his new set of hearing aids “own up to all of the promised specs” but our “packaging is wonderful.” Andrew appreciated not only the doorstep delivery but that “everything that was said about our hearing aids was straightforward, honest and accurate,” a feeling expressed by many after experiencing Eargo for the first time.

Since wearing Eargo, Andrew communicated that his ability to have conversations improved, and that his wife is only talking half as much as she usually did since she no longer has to repeat herself. He can even hear his fridge running!

Andrew is now working to break the habit of asking people to repeat themselves, as he doesn’t have to say “what” anymore. He now looks forward to putting his “ears in” every day, which was not the case with the previous seven hearing aids he tested before landing on Eargo.

Andrew’s Eargo Experience in His Own Words, as told to his Personal Hearing Professional.

Andrew Eargo Journey“Last night was the first time I was ever able to wear instruments in a restaurant and hear the conversation at my table instead of all the rattle and clanging going on around me. I was not only comfortable but engaged throughout the meal. I would usually remove the hearing aids I used to wear because they would pick up noise from the table behind me but not the people speaking in front of me who I was trying to talk to. Another win. PLUS! They stayed in place while I was eating instead of working their way out of the canal. (Note from Eargo: We think we have our Flexi Fibers to thank for keeping Andrew’s hearing aids in place).

In my experience, you can’t go wrong with Eargo. Your personal hearing guide and audiologist are with you every step of the way.”

Andrew even followed up with our team over email to express the following:

“I DID forget to say how much I LOVE NO BATTERIES!!!! They always go out at the most inopportune times and/or you have none with you. Right in the middle of my church’s service, I watched a man have to change the batteries on his hearing aids. He was lucky he was packing. Mine have yet to expire in the ear and since they sleep in the charger, it is P-E-R-F-E-C-T!”

Andrew H.’s Audiologist Discusses his Eargo Experience – Written by Jennifer Gilligan, Personal Hearing Professional

I was so happy to have worked with Andrew H. as a client while he discovered Eargo. Andrew made great use of our telehealth model and it was rewarding to assist him at his personal convenience using phone, SMS and email.

I have somewhat of a knack for knowing when a client is doing well with amplification because they get what I call the “glow” –  a bright, happy disposition that comes with lifting the burden of effortful listening. Getting a text message from Andrew telling me “I went out to a noisy restaurant and I could HEAR! the conversation really well above the noise” absolutely made my day! I love sharing in this kind of joy.

From working closely together, I know he had tried other hearing aids without getting this much satisfaction from listening, so Andrew’s success with Eargo felt even more gratifying. The combination of a motivated client, high-quality technology, and a simple user interface is, understandably, a winning one. Thank you, Andrew, for being a champion of your own hearing health, and for solidifying the reasons why I love making an impact at work every day.


Are you trying your seventh hearing aid, hoping your next device will be P-E-R-F-E-C-T? Eargo Max is a cure for the common calamities hearing aids can often cause – and your ears are begging to try them out. Lace up your sneaks and run over to, where you’ll learn more details. Alternatively, you can request free sample for fit and feel, or call our personal hearing guides with questions at 1-800-734-7603. We’re all ears to help get yours in their best shape!




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  1. Ron Spellman Reply

    What is the price for a set ? I have already spent $ 10,000 on two sets and do not want to make another bad investment.
    thank you,
    Ron S

    • We’re currently selling two products which include both the left and right hearing aid, a charger and USB cord (we’ve nixed those pesky batteries in favor of a more modern way to power up), our patented, replaceable Flexi Fibers, Wax Guards, and starter services including one-on-one time with our personal hearing guides. Eargo Plus and Eargo Max, which sell for $1,950 and $2,450, respectively, with financing options as low as $90/month. Eargo costs about 52% less than the average BTE hearing aid. Our personal hearing guides can walk you through our financing options, payment plans and in-home trial at 1-800-734-7603 or

  2. Wallace D. Henderson Reply

    I have tried every brand of hearing aide on the market. None of them are satisfactory in a high noise environment

    • Eargo was designed for adults with mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss and may not be appropriate for those experiencing more severe to profound loss. You can take our hearing screener at, or call our team of personal hearing guides with any questions at 1-800-734-7603. Ch(ears)!

  3. Can you purchase just one Eargo? I am pretty much deaf in one ear, but need amplification support in the other. Have tried many devices since childhood, including BellTone since the 1970’s.

    • Eargo hearing aids are sold as a set, since our device was designed to both hold and charge both of the hearing aids. You can learn more about our modern hearing aids at, and call our team of personal hearing guides with any questions at 1-800-734-7603. We’re all ears!

  4. Susan N Becker Reply

    I have the Max for the 45-day trail period and find them so much better than my old RIC model(s), HOWEVER…I’m having trouble getting the left one into the canal . I’ve followed all the suggestions without success and am looking forward to my phone consult for resolution. I’d hate this to be the deal breaker.

    • Thank you for your comment, Susan. We’re happy to hear you’re referencing our guides, and are hopeful a meeting with your hearing professional will help you learn how to place Eargo in so it’s as comfortable as nature – well, our team – intended.

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