After trying out bulky behind-the-ear hearing aids, Cecil decided Eargos were the perfect match for his active lifestyle.

Cecil lives in Diablo, California, which he calls “a paradise of outdoor activities.” Whether he’s biking, hiking, golfing, playing tennis, or swimming, he’s constantly on the move. As a matter of fact, when he’s not selling mortgages, you’ll probably find him playing a round of golf with his wife, Carrie.

Maybe it was because Cecil was missing one too many “fore!” calls, or maybe he was confusing “birdie” and “bogie.” Whatever the case, Carrie noticed his hearing wasn’t up to par. And she noticed the signs of his hearing loss much earlier than he did—a whole seven years earlier. Cecil eventually made an appointment with an audiologist to get his ears checked. “I thought I could hear rather well, which, in fact, science proved that I couldn’t,” he says.

The verdict? High-frequency hearing loss, which is what made it more difficult to hear his wife. And even though Cecil didn’t want a traditional hearing aid, he was tired of missing out on years of group dinner chatter or conversations with Carrie, so he decided to see what solutions were available.

He was quickly underwhelmed. He disliked how visible most traditional hearing aids were and wasn’t thrilled by their sound quality, either. Cecil went through a number of different options to try to find his perfect match and ended up wearing a behind-the-ear (BTE) pair that worked well, but was still very, very visible—so visible that he didn’t want to wear them. He felt like people were only focusing on his hearing aids, and wearing them made him feel less like himself.

Cecil’s BTE hearing aids also got in the way of his active lifestyle. Biking? Forget about it. Anytime he hopped on his bike, the wind would affect his BTE devices, causing a distracting, howling sound. Tennis? Nope. Cecil didn’t feel like an ace on the court with his BTE devices. Ditto for hiking and golfing. And on top of all that, he hated changing itty-bitty hearing aid batteries all the time.

BTE hearing aids? Not a smash.
BTE hearing aids? Not a smash.

But he couldn’t deny the benefits of hearing aids. He was participating in group conversations again, enjoying dinners with friends, watching TV, chatting with his wife—and he could do it all without having to read lips. 

If only there was a hearing aid that combined the benefits of his BTE devices with the added bonus of being invisible and comfortable—oh, wait, there is. 

Cecil came across Eargo hearing aids and decided to give them a whirl. The difference was immediate, he says. Because Eargos sit inside the canal, no one knew he was wearing them. He no longer felt like people were focusing on his hearing aids. Most importantly, he felt like himself again. 

He could bike without any pesky wind noise, and he could even hear the road sounds better. He could also comfortably play tennis, hike, and golf, all while wearing his Eargos. “They sound very natural,” he says. “I don’t get any wind rushes, they’re very comfortable to wear, and I wear them every day.”

Sayonara, wind sounds.
Sayonara, wind sounds.

And best of all? No more tiny batteries. Eargo hearing aids are completely rechargeable. Cecil loved that he could insert his devices into the charging unit overnight and have a full day’s worth of sound at his fingertips by morning. No buying batteries every week. No more fumbling to replace them in dark restaurants––just pure, clear sound all day long. 

Cecil’s Personal Hearing Professional, Randy, was with him every step of the way to make his Eargo experience as effortless as possible. “When I first received my Eargos, I received a telephone call from their hearing professional, and he explained the packaging, the charging, the way to insert the Eargos into my ears, how to make them operate correctly, how to change the [sound profiles]. Randy was very thorough and very friendly,” he says.

After that call, Cecil felt confident both wearing and using Eargos. “Having owned both external hearing aids and Eargos, Eargos are so much easier to use than my old hearing aids,” Cecil says. “I’ve talked to several friends about them. I’ve recommended them to people. I thoroughly enjoy them and I think everybody else would too.” Other Eargo customers agree. Check out what they’re saying about Eargo hearing aids.


Are you ready to try out Eargo for yourself? Request your free sample for fit and feel, or call our Personal Hearing Guides for a free consultation at 1-800-734-7603. We promise, no one will know you’re wearing them—unless they have X-ray vision. In which case, this is a great way to tell which of your friends are secret superheroes.


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