So, you’ve been considering joining our team of forward-thinking hearing health advocates. You may have even heard us talk ad nauseum about our comfortable, invisible hearing aids (so much even our moms are starting to get nauseous). But what about the people who stand behind your ears? Not literally, of course. There’s no one behind you – or so we think. Here’s an inside look at our Silicon Valley start-up.

We Are Eargo

We’re a scrappy group comprised of ENT surgeons, industry professionals, tech geeks and dreamers working tirelessly to increase conversations around hearing health across the nation. (Well, every business day, at least.)

We refer to those ear-supporters – everyone from our Personal Hearing Guides (think of them as your personal ear concierge, helping clients hear more of life) to the front-end developers working to solve our latest challenge – as Eargonians, united in our belief that people should be able to hear life to the fullest.

What Makes Eargo Go?

It’s trite but true: We owe our successes to the individuals on our team who strive to improve hearing health across the nation while increasing the global conversation around hearing loss.

Since we, well, really like people (except the times they burn popcorn in the kitchen microwave), we’re constantly seeking ways to improve how we support the Eargonians who contribute so much to our mission.

When your brain is in need of a break, you’re in luck: Potlucks, nights at the driving range and talent shows are all a part of how we celebrate the individuals on our collective team.

Eargo Christmas Shirt Contest

What happens when our visionaries are in need of vacation? Eargo provides employees discretionary PTO to rest and recharge from serving our clients and team, and up to eight weeks of paid maternity leave or one week of baby bonding time for new dads and adoptive parents.

Hear What Our Employees Have to Say

Beyond-belief benefits are all well and good, but what do real, live Eargonians have to say about spending a solid chunk of their waking hours at our start-up?

We’re not trying to sugarcoat the hard work that happens here, but it’s a pretty darn great workplace. Our employees have described Eargo culture as relaxed – you won’t find a tie in sight – supportive, and that employees are motivated to excellence by the example of “prevailing good humor set by our leadership.” You can’t make stuff like that up.

The proof is in the pudding. One new-to-Eargo employee noted in their New Hire Survey that “after [their] first day, I feel like I have already been here for a week because I am totally immersed in the product and team. Many team members have already carved out time in their schedules to provide product history, assembly method, and process demos.”

We wouldn’t want to embarrass them (hey, if you can dish it), but an employee called one of our founders a “modern latter day prophet for the hearing impaired,” so you can intuit that we think highly of our leadership – to say the least. Our fearless leader and CEO, Christian Gormsen, stands on the frontlines alongside the rest of the Eargo team. During a recent All Hands meeting he reiterated a key idea from our mission, declaring we are “not selling a product, but a service” to those customers looking to improve their hearing health.


Here’s what our Senior Hearing Aid Specialist, Randy, had to say about his experience as an  Eargo employee: “From day one, through the ups and downs and the highs and lows, it’s Eargo’s initial vision that has helped me stay the course. Our continued commitment to top-flight innovation, engineering, and client support, combined with the level of care provided by our hearing health professionals and audiologists has been apparent the entire time.”


Interested in launching a fulfilling career? Check out our LinkedIn page to have the chance to take a seat on our proverbial rocket ship. Or, shoot our friendly, neighborhood People Ops team an email discussing why you want to help people hear more of life. We are Eargo, and we’re all ears.



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