Eargo is dressing our ears in their Sunday best to help celebrate the World Health Organization’s (WHO for short) worldwide World Health Day 2018 (whew, that’s a lot of W’s). WHO’s focus on accessible, feasible and affordable health for all resonates strongly with our small-yet-mighty startup’s belief system.

Three Ch(ears) on Accessible, Feasible and Affordable Health

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: There is a better way to provide hearing health to the 48 million Americans experiencing mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss than the current, outdated system. We diligently strive everyday to provide customers with easy to use, easy to try and easy to buy hearing aids through our direct-to-consumer model. Our team of personal hearing guides (think of them as your ear’s personal concierge) and licensed hearing health professionals provide telehealth care at the client’s convenience.

Accessible: Easy to Try

Many of our clients express that they put off searching for a solution for their hearing loss due to the stigma often associated with hearing aids. Our direct-to-consumer business model eliminates the middlemen older institutions rely on from, creating “a shift from designing health systems around diseases and institutions towards health services designed around and for people.”[1]

In accordance with the World Health Organization’s beliefs, Eargo focused on providing clients “health services designed around and for people… where and when they need them,” like from the comfort of their own home. Our telehealth services cater to the client with a busy schedule who doesn’t want to juggle multiple appointments with their audiologist’s at their time and their place of business.

World Health Org World Health Day

We utilize modern technology such as video calls and emails to provide clients hearing screeners before sending them a sample kit to ensure whether Eargo is the right hearing aid for them. These practices also extend to helping clients find the best device settings based on their specific level and type of hearing loss. Our methodology allows our team of personal hearing guides to quickly help our clients hear more of life.  

Feasible: Easy to Use

Our FDA-registered, Class I hearing aids are as easy for our clients to use as a walk in the park. Our device comes with four Sound Profiles to easily enhance the level of a client’s device based on their specific needs (one size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to hearing loss). Our device’s Sound Profiles, built on 30 years of research from the National Acoustics Lab, are even so kind as to announce which level they’re tuned to when clients double-tap their ear to adjust settings.

Affordable: Easy to Buy

World Health Day honors the idea that “everyone everywhere has a right to benefit from health services they need without falling into poverty when using them.”[1] Our belief in Health For All is one reason why our team is committed to helping more people hear more of the beautiful world around them. Eargo’s comfortable, invisible hearing aids cost about 52% less than the industry average. We’ve worked to offer financing options that ensure clients aren’t forced to “choose between good health and other life necessities… [so they can] get quality health services, where and when they need them, without suffering financial hardship.”[1]

World Health Day

Eargo is proud to provide easy to try, easy to buy and easy to use hearing aids to adults experiencing mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss not just on World Health Day, but every day. Learn more about how our product and process supports these initiatives by calling our team of personal hearing guides at 1-800-734-7603.


[1] http://www.who.int/campaigns/world-health-day/2018/key-messages/en/



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  1. G. Visvesvara (VIsh) Reply

    Is it possible to try Eargo device for two weeks before buying it?

    • We suggest new-to-Eargo clients try our free fitting unit to get an understanding of the fit and feel of our devices. After requesting the fitting unit, you’ll receive a call from one of our hearing experts to discuss your level of hearing loss, as Eargo was designed for adults with mild to moderately severe high-frequency hearing loss. You can request your non-working fitting unit today from https://get.eargo.com/blog?utm_source=blog.

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