Here at Eargo, we’re constantly striving for improvement. Whether it’s our quest to make the perfect cup of coffee, or our desire to craft the world’s best hearing aid, we’re always pushing to be better. And today, we’re going to let you in on the things we’ve been learning, developing, and implementing in the past year. Get ready to peek behind the curtain…

Eargo presents: how to make the perfect cup of coffee. Step one: measure out your favorite coffee grounds, but be sure to––

…Oh. You’d rather hear about our brand new hearing aid? Yeah… we should’ve realized. That’s our bad.

Introducing Eargo Neo, our most revolutionary hearing aid, jam-packed with mouth-watering features and benefits.

The nuts and bolts of Eargo Neo

We learned from Eargo Max. We listened to customer feedback, we noted where technology could be improved, where design could be perfected. We knew what we needed to do and we spent plenty of sleepless nights doing it. When we were done, we had a product that surpassed even our wildest dreams.

Eargo Neo on pebble

Eargo Neo sounds better than ever

Our highest audio fidelity ever, less feedback, and even better noise reduction provides an experience that would impress any audiophile. Eargo Neo supports wider bandwidth and better acoustic response in higher frequencies when compared to Eargo Max, and provides an improvement in feedback performance, with more added stable gain capability for signal below 65dBSPL. Plus, redesigned Flexi Palms are designed to reduce feedback while providing technicolor sound for greater spectrums of hearing loss. Whether you’re looking to have a crystal clear conversation or experience your favorite music like never before, Eargo Neo delivers.

Sounds better than ever

Eargo Neo is customizable

We know that there’s no “one size fits all” method to hearing aids, so we wanted to create a device that fits your hearing needs like a glove. Enter the Eargo Neo charger. Fitted with FCC certified BLE, Eargo Neo is cloud-connected, allowing for personalization and customization. Simply call your Personal Hearing Professional (PHP), and they’ll craft a hearing plan F.Y.E.O.—for your ears only. Eargo Neo’s charger also allows your PHP to gain insights into what your ears are all about, so they can make adjustments to create your best hearing experience ever. They’ll be able to see your personal data log and learn from your ears, giving you the smoothest, easiest ride with a hearing aid ever. Airlines could take a lesson or two…

Eargo Neo sports a sleek, new design

From stainless steel contacts to the microphone moving to the rear of the device (with the aim of improving the comfort and acoustics of the system), to all-new Flexi Palms, Eargo Neo is a completely redesigned device. We’ve shaved off every extra millimeter that we could to streamline it as much as possible, leading to our best fit yet. But it’s so much more than just a pretty face––our innovations help improve retention, comfort, and acoustics. So not only does Eargo Neo look like a futuristic dream, it performs like one, too.

Easy afternoon with Eargo Neo

Eargo Neo is substantially more robust

 We listened when our clients (patiently) explained challenges due to wear and tear on the contacts, or an overload of wax. After listening—and learning—we went back to the drawing board, freshly-brewed coffee in hand. Now, you’ll find the contacts flush against the side of the case. Not only is this placement smoother and sleeker, but it helps avoid a buildup of wax on the contacts. This means the ports inside of Eargo Neo will get clogged less often, leading to a more effortless hearing experience (read: you spend less time cleaning and more time hearing). And the charger contacts are now medical-steel grade 316L. That’s pure stainless steel and totally corrosion-resistant. Eargo Neo is basically the Superman of hearing devices. But unfortunately, it won’t help you leap tall buildings in a single bound. Dare to dream.

Eargo Neo is ready to go when you are

Eargo Neo’s charger can hold a charge for an entire week. Eargo Neo can hold a charge for an entire week. You read that right: an entire week. And if you happen to find yourself low on juice, just pop ‘em into the charger and head out, no matter where you are. They’ll charge while you’re on your way to work, on your way home, or anywhere in between. One brand new bonus? Neo supports fast charging. On your way to a movie and low on power? Just pop ‘em in the case for thirty minutes, and you’re guaranteed a few hours of uninterrupted sound. With Eargo Neo, you’ll never miss a moment of the action.

Eargo Neo sleek package

We listened. We learned. And we created a device that’s as close to perfect as a hearing aid has ever been. We took everything we loved about Eargo Max and built upon it with one purpose in mind: to give you the best hearing experience possible. 

Eargo Neo will be available late January. Learn more about Eargo Neo online and reserve your new ears by phone at 1-800-734-7603, with an introductory price of $2,550 for a limited time, with financing starting at $118/month. After that, Eargo Neo will cost $2,750 with financing options from $127/month. Eargo Neo comes with a 45-day money back guarantee, ongoing support by Eargo’s licensed hearing professionals and one-year warranty with the option to extend the warranty to two-years for an additional cost.

And now, we’re going to keep working on that perfect cup of coffee. Hey, we perfected a hearing aid… the sky’s the limit.

Eargo New with coffee


Amanda is Eargo's intrepid copywriter. She spends her days sipping coffee and brainstorming ear puns. So far, she's penned aurally good one or two.


  1. I currently wear Oticon Hearing aids . I have problems w them filtering out crowded locals ( restaurants etc) also they get “steamed up l” when I do yoga etc. I have had both of them replaced one after another , due to them cutting out and enventully not working . How would I expect the Eargo Neos respond to these issues ?

    • Eargo devices greatly reduce background noise with layered noise reduction technology that provides a cleanly amplified sound and an extended frequency range up to 7750 Hz. Our devices also provide active feedback cancellation technology. Regarding your yoga question, the quick answer is that it depends (hot yoga may of course be a stickier issue). We’d suggest calling our Personal Hearing Guides at 1-800-734-7603 to learn more.

  2. I tried the Eargo Max last year. I liked the technology but was unable to insert the aid into my ear canal. Is the form factor of the new NEO device small enough that I should try again?

    • We’ve updated our device so our hearing aids are sleeker. We’d suggest requesting a free sample for fit and feel from to see (or not!) for yourself.

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