Everyone’s hearing loss is different, with corresponding hearing needs that are equally unique for each individual. The same goes for a person’s ears. There are big ears, small ears, wide ear canals, narrow ear canals, etc. Knowing this, Eargo has created various types of “tips” (the part of the hearing aid that enters the ear canal first) to fit as comfortably in as many ears as possible and to provide the best audio solution for that particular person.

Knowing that people need a comfortable, functional hearing aid as much as they need to hear their individual lives to the fullest, here is a comprehensive list of our Eargo tip options, as well as tips (pun intended) I’ve developed over the years to help people live their best lives and be the sharpest version of themselves in total ear comfort and sound clarity.

For use exclusively with Eargo 5:

Closed Petals can provide a fuller, rounder sound and help to control feedback. This is because they hold more mid-frequency sound in the canal to give them fullness. Conversely, I guess, they let less sound out in the high frequencies, which helps to control acoustic feedback.

Open Petals allow a better balance of “natural sound that you can still hear well” – to – “amplified sound from the hearing aid.” It can help reduce the “occlusion effect,“ which reduces own-voice vibration in the head and improves sound quality. I have also been finding that open Petals can reduce some itching/irritation as compared to closed Petals.

Open Petal tips designed for Eargo 5 devices.

For use with models previous to Eargo 5:

The Palms/Flexis get a bit more complicated, and there are lots of options. It depends on which product you are using, although they are all interchangeable among the products before our most recent hearing innovation—Eargo 5.

Tetra Palms have an extra row of Palms in comparison to the original Flexi Palms. They come standard with the Eargo Neo HiFi. The extra row can help with retention and feedback control.

Flexi Palms are the original Palms. They come standard with Eargo Neo. The small Flexi Palm is used often when a regular Flexi Fiber is too big for a Neo HiFi user. A good way to gauge if this will work is to insert the device without a Flexi. If it fits, a small Flexi Palm will work. Sometimes I will send regular or large Flexi Palms out and have the client modify them by trimming a middle row off to assist with fit when the regular Flexi Fiber is too small and the regular Tetra Palm is too large.

Flexi Palms are made of medical-grade silicone.

Flexi Fibers come with Eargo Max, Eargo Neo, and Eargo Neo HiFi. They’re the “smaller” Flexi when fitting Neo and Neo HiFi. They allow for a more open fit, so like open Petals, they help reduce the occlusion effect and improve sound quality for some.

Flexi Domes have a rounded, occluded dome on the end that helps to hold mid-frequency sound in and control feedback by letting less high frequency sound out. They are helpful when fitting people with moderate high-frequency loss. Domes can also help with retention for those experiencing slippage of their devices. 

Large vs. regular/medium. If the hearing aid slides out after full insertion, go larger. If the aid cannot be inserted fully, go smaller. Need to control feedback? Try larger if insertion is full/good.

Hearing aids only work if you want to wear them and wear them comfortably so they can actually help your hearing. No one will stick anything in their ears if it’s uncomfortable and doesn’t perform. That’s why we have multiple tip options available to ensure you get the best sound with the most comfort.

If you’re a current customer and would like to discuss these options, or are having issues with your current tips, sound, or comfort, please reach out to our licensed hearing professionals at 1-800-61-EARGO. Additional tips can always be purchased directly from our online store.


From online marketing to Eargo’s website, John and team strive to help you learn about Eargo and hearing health, while hopefully having a modicum of fun.

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