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What Did Going to Rock Concerts Do to Your Hearing?

Nothing good.

See, while you were happy rocking out to everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top, your ears would’ve been a lot happier with the sound of silence.

What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson? …No really, can you repeat that? [1]
And no, not of the Simon and Garfunkel variety.

Hearing Loss: A Sign of a Life Well-Lived

While we know you wouldn’t trade those concert memories for anything, the fact is…those were some loud shows. We’re talking 130 decibels loud. And considering anything over 85 decibels is considered harmful…yeah. Your ears went through the ringer.

And now, here you are. You’ve got some crazy concert stories and tons of band swag, but you’ve also got some hearing loss. And that’s okay! We happen to think hearing loss is a sign of a life well lived, so…congratulations!

Obviously, you’re keeping the band swag, and you’ll be telling that story about the time you made meaningful eye contact with Keith Richards until people stop inviting you to things because they’ve heard the “meaningful eye contact with Keith Richards” story one too many times.

Keith’s Meaningful eye contact [2]
But do you have to keep the hearing loss?

Can we get a big “highway to hell no”!

…Okay, so it’s not a perfect reference. Points for trying?

But there is an easy solution for your hearing loss, and it’ll make listening to your well-loved LPs feel like the first time.

It feels like the first time, it feels like the very first time

Hearing Loss is Totally Manageable

Presenting Eargo, a revolutionary new hearing aid that’ll keep you rocking like a hurricane, and fit in with your busy, born to run lifestyle.

If you think you know a little something about hearing aids, then think again, ‘cause you ain’t seen nothing yet. Eargos are invisible, super comfortable, completely rechargeable, and crazy powerful. You’ll hear every moment, every guitar lick, and every thump of the bass with crystal clarity, without making any compromises.

Look, your ears did you a solid and helped you enjoy all those rock concerts. Isn’t it time to do them a solid and help them hear life to the fullest? Because sure, you can’t always get what you want…but when it comes to hearing, you definitely can.

So cue up The Rolling Stones, think about that time you made meaningful eye contact with Keith Richards, and check out to see all our sleek, stylish products, and to find out which one is a perfect fit for you. Still on the fence? Why not request a free sample for fit and feel? There’s no better way to experience the comfort and invisibility of Eargo. And let’s face it, fences aren’t comfortable places to hang out.



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