Ten Questions to Ask When Buying Eargo Hearing Aids

The first step on the path toward purchasing a hearing aid is admitting you need one. If you’re at that first step, are inching closer, or have been told by friends or loved ones that you’re already there (sometimes they see – or hear – what you may not be able to), it’s important to know that you’re not alone – we all experience hearing loss to varying degrees.

One of the more common types of hearing losses is that of high-frequency sounds. Even though you may be able to hear, you might have trouble understanding the words being said. Eventually, there may come a time when the mild annoyance of asking people to repeat themselves, or to turn the TV volume up, turns into the realization that you’re missing out the conversations and relationships that add to our overall quality of life.

When you’re ready to admit that a hearing aid is in your (near) future, you’ll likely have a question or two to ask a hearing health professional. We’ve compiled a list of ten frequently asked questions and answers about our product and process below.

1Is Eargo the right solution for my hearing loss?

Invisible EargoEargo was designed for adults with mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss and may not be appropriate for those experiencing more severe to profound loss. Our cutting-edge hearing devices are designed to work well for adults who need more clarity as compared to more volume. Eargo hearing aids allow ears (and the people they’re attached to) to hear low, deep tones naturally, and amplify the high frequencies for clarity, resulting in a more natural sound.

The best part? You won’t need to make a series of appointments at an audiologist’s office if you’re interested in purchasing Eargo hearing aids. Our Personal Hearing Guides would simply walk you through our Hearing Screener to determine whether Eargo is right for your mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss. Our modern hearing aids are available to try (sample kit for fit and feel) and buy online or over the phone with the help of your Personal Hearing Guide at 1-800-734-7603.

2Are Eargo hearing aids invisible?

Floating EargoEargo is a great hearing aid choice if you’d like to keep your hearing loss your own little secret (we’ll never tell). Only the tip of our small plastic handle, or pull tab, shows just outside the canal, which is used to easily insert and remove the device.

3Can I buy hearing aids online?

Typically, hearing aids are sold by a hearing healthcare professional, such as an audiologist or a hearing aid dispenser. But who has the time to attend multiple appointments at an inconvenient location? Eargo offers a direct-to-consumer model that turns the traditional hearing aid purchase process on its ear (pun intended), making purchasing a set of our modern hearing aids as quick and easy as requesting a rideshare from your smartphone.

Modern hearing aids, like Eargo, are the perfect solution for mild to moderate hearing loss that come prepackaged with state-of-the-art support. Each purchase of our hearing aids includes expert support services from one of our Personal Hearing Professionals (think of them as your personal ear concierge) who speak with clients from the comfort of their homes. You’ll receive individual, customized support to help you get acclimated to your new hearing aids, teach you how they work, how to wear them properly, and how to keep them clean – even if you’re wearing your pajamas.


4How should I evaluate a hearing device?

Hearing aids won’t restore normal hearing (that’s why they’re not called hearing “cures”). However, they can improve your hearing by amplifying where you have hearing loss.

Getting comfortable with a new hearing aid takes time and patience (we hear it’s a virtue). You’ll likely notice your listening skills gradually improve as you become accustomed to the amplification a hearing device provides. Your own voice may even sound different when you first wear a hearing aid. While it may be strange to hear the sound of your own voice differ from the one (or ones) in your head, it’s important to stick this phase out.

When you first begin wearing a device, your newly amplified hearing will sound different in different places. We suggest first wearing your new hearing aids in quieter environments to allow your brain time to adjust (like the food-coma haze you’re in after a Thanksgiving dinner), then branch out into noisier environments (like the malls on Black Friday).

A willingness to practice, along with the support of family and friends, may help determine your success with your new hearing aid. You may also consider joining a support group for people with hearing loss or those who are new to wearing hearing aids.

At Eargo, support services from our audiologists are bundled into the price of our affordable hearing aids. Our Personal Hearing Professionals are just a call, text, or email away. You won’t pay any extra fees to consult with your Personal Hearing Professional, no matter how many times you call to ask if hearing aids are supposed to be *this* comfortable.

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5Will I be able to speak with a licensed hearing professional?

If you’re an adult experiencing mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss, we would suggest contacting one of our Personal Hearing Guides to learn whether Eargo is the right hearing aid for your needs. Our team will walk you through our Hearing Screener to determine whether your hearing loss is compatible with Eargo, will help you acclimate to your insanely comfortable, virtually invisible devices and will be on-hand to answer those pesky questions that always seem to pop up at the worst times. Pro tip: they’re conveniently available in multiple time zones from sea to shining sea.

6Can I test Eargo before purchasing their hearing aids?

It can take several weeks to months to completely adjust to your new hearing aids. We suggest following your Personal Hearing Professional’s wearing schedule and engaging with the materials provided to more easily acclimate. Each purchase of an Eargo device comes with a 45-day, risk free money-back guarantee so you can return your device, no questions asked. You can learn more about our warranty here.

7Can I pay for Eargo’s hearing aids with insurance?

We do not currently handle any direct filing with insurance companies (here’s why: it helps keep costs down for our clients). To determine if your health insurance covers hearing aids, we suggest checking with your individual plan. If your provider covers hearing aids, our audiologists will happily complete a Superbill, or an itemized form used by healthcare providers for reimbursement purpose. (At least as happy as someone can be when completing paperwork.)

Can I pay for Eargo’s hearing aids with financing?

We’re about to drop some (known) knowledge on you, dear reader: Hearing aids ain’t cheap, leaving many people to choose to spread the pain of an upfront purchase over time with the help of financing options. Eargo works with two different financing groups to help provide monthly payment options as low as $90/month to allow our clients to hear life to the fullest. We’ll try to do everything in our power to help you hear more of life without hurting your wallet.

Additional organizations that may be able to provide supplemental assistance obtaining hearing aids are your local Lions Club, United Way Speech and Hearing Centers, as well as the Better Hearing Institute’s AUDIENT program. [1] We often point clients here in cases when we’re unable to help them hear more of life.

9What services do I get when I purchase Eargo hearing aids?

Our team of audiologists and Personal Hearing Guides strive to make your hearing aid experience easy, and – dare we say it – enjoyable. That means we’ll provide everything you need to keep your hearing aids in tip-top shape, including helping you acclimate to the device, providing technical support and access to accessories that will help keep your hearing aids running like new. Plus, your post-purchase support services are included in the price of the hearing aids, as well as our written and video instructions.

What does Eargo’s warranty include?

Each purchase of an Eargo device comes with two different one-year warranty options with purchase of our hearing aids. One is a year-long option that covers damage to the hearing aids, where we will replace one device, one time, at our cost (for example, should your dog fancy a hearing device as a snack). The second warranty includes any and all repairs, including replacing the entire device when necessary.


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Eargo is a cure for the common calamities hearing aids can often cause – and we’d bet your ears are begging to try our virtually invisible, insanely comfortable hearing aids for themselves.

You can try Eargo for 45 days to give our rechargeable hearing aids a thorough workout.

When your ears are done getting physical, physical with our devices (headband not included), you can choose to either return them or keep them and we’ll charge you the balance. Alternatively, you can call our personal hearing guides with questions. Really, we’re just waiting for you to call. We’re all ears to help get yours in their best shape! It’s going to be the highlight of our day.






    • Jennifer D. Reply

      Eargo will help the hills come alive with the sound of music. We provide first-time clients is a $0 down, 45-day trial that allows clients to test our fully-functional hearing aids before deciding to purchase or return their device. Learn more at shop.eargo.com/trial. You can request a sample kit today at try.eargo.com, or call our team of personal hearing guides with any questions at 1-800-734-7603. We’re all ears! 👂

  2. Lottie Brown Reply

    I am very hard of hearing. I HAVE WORN HEARING AIDS FOR MORE THAN 6 YEARS. I am on my 4th or 5th pair, now considering Cochlear Implant. I just had molds made to fit me with hearing aids until I am in the country and able to get the Cochlear Implant, possibly in April 2019, Are your hearing aids for those who are almost stone deaf?

    • Jennifer D. Reply

      Eargo was designed for adults experiencing mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss and may not be appropriate for those experiencing more severe to profound loss. You can take our hearing screener at try.eargo.com, or call our team of personal hearing guides with any questions at 1-800-734-7603. Ch(ears)! 👂

  3. Scott Johns Reply

    I had a viral ear infection a couple of years ago and now have decreased hearing and distorted sound in my right ear. I miss words. I can’t use a phone in my right ear because of decreased volume and distortion. Loud sounds are mildly painful now. I am concerned the amplified sounds would be distorted if I used a hearing aid. What do you think?

    • Jennifer Reply

      Thank you for your comment. We’d suggest calling our Personal Hearing Guides at 1-800-734-7603 to discuss your concerns, and so they can provide a more comprehensive answer. Ch(ears)!

  4. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and have a moderate hearing loss in both ears.
    Is it possible for me to buy the shippeable Eargo model without going to the USA?

    • Jennifer Reply

      Due to FDA regulations, we do not currently have stores or ship outside of the United States. We will send either a sample kit or a set of hearing aids to a person’s US address contact and allow them to make personal arrangements for the overseas shipping. Please call our Personal Hearing Guides with any questions. We’re all ears at 1-800-734-7603.

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