Eargo Teams Up with MusiCares to Provide Improved Hearing to Musicians

It’s not surprising that loud music can damage eardrums, but the statistics are astounding. Based on this study (New data finds high rate of hearing loss among musicians), professional musicians in Germany are nearly four times as likely as non-musicians to suffer noise-induced hearing loss. 

Some notable musicians who have endured hearing loss include Eric Clapton, Neil Young, and the lead singer of AC/DC. Back in March, AC/DC postponed 10 dates of their tour because the lead singer, Brian Johnson, was advised by his doctor to stop touring or else risk permanent hearing loss. Neil Young, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, could sense his hearing was declining and in order to prevent it from further damage, he created the album “Harvest Moon” to avoid hearing loud sounds.

AC/DC live in St. Paul (November 23, 2008)
AC/DC live in St. Paul (November 23, 2008) – Source: Wikipedia


It’s a tragic irony, though; musicians rely on their hearing to create music, but the constant exposure to loud sounds is slowly decreasing their hearing ability due to their profession. Since musicians are prone to hearing loss, we wanted to introduce them to hearing aids that they would feel confident wearing in public.

And that’s why we became a proud sponsor of the MusiCares Foundation!

Eargo Sponsors MusiCares

Eargo Sponsors MusiCares
Eargo Sponsors MusiCares
Eargo Sponsors MusiCares
Eargo Sponsors MusiCares
Eargo Sponsors MusiCares
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At MusiCares, our team was able to get a peek backstage of the gala and connect with world-renowned artists. Our Director of Clinical Support – our all-around hear-pro – screened artists’ hearing and helped pick the appropriate noise reduction levels and sizing options. It was great to see these musicians try on Eargo devices and witness their reactions. Other artists, like pop star Demi Lovato, didn’t need a hearing aid but was thoughtful to consider others in her family that might benefit from a product like Eargo.

Luke Bryan, a country superstar, was pleasantly surprised to see us since he just so happened to have some hearing health questions at that moment. (Talk about fate, right?) Our trusty hear-pro fielded questions and had the opportunity to chat with the charismatic singer. He was thankful for our attendance and even said we made his night! (Right back at you too, Luke.)

Supporting MusiCares, meeting talented artists, and introducing them to a tool to help improve their hearing was an absolute pleasure. This experience is a reminder of how rewarding it is to work in an industry that improves people’s lives. Until next year, MusiCares!

MusiCares The Band Perry
MusiCares The Roots
MusiCares Wilmer Valderamma
MusiCares Gilby Clarke
MusiCares James Bay
MusiCares Luke Bryan
MusiCares Questlove
MusiCares David Crosby
MusiCares Demi Lovato
MusiCares Little Big Town
Musicares Florence and Machine
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From online marketing to Eargo’s website, John and team strive to help you learn about Eargo and hearing health, while hopefully having a modicum of fun.

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