Four Ways to Protect Your Hearing Aids This Summer

While hot weather should not damage your hearing aids, it’s important to protect your hearing devices as temperatures rise. Here are a few ways for you to help keep your devices in tip-top shape during the summer months:

1. Protect Your Hearing Aid from Moisture

Showering after a sweltering day? Remember, you’re not naked until you remove your hearing aids. That’s why we’ve included shower stickers with each purchase of an Eargo system. We also recommend removing your hearing device if you’re outside during a thunderstorm as they are not yet water-resistant or waterproof, and we (seriously) suggest removing them before plunging into a pool. Cannonball!

Pro-tip: Sunscreen contains lotions and oils that can damage your hearing devices, so be sure to remove your hearing aids when protecting your skin from UV rays. And then be doubly sure to clean your fingers of the lotion before putting your aids back in.

2. Protect Your Hearing Aid from Excessive Heat

Ever had the feeling your steering wheel was too hot to handle? It’s part and parcel of summer that your car dash temp is likely to heat to 180 degrees F in direct sunlight[1]  when parked. High temps are bad news for the battery longevity. For that same reason, it’s important to keep your hearing aids safe in a dry, shady location where fresh air can relieve the devices from humidity.

Keeping your device away from the heat also applies to backyard grills. Beware of leaving your Eargo hearing aids too close to the buns, as your BBQ guests may mistake them as a condiment!

In all seriousness, we recommend keeping your hearing aids away from direct sunlight or heat to avoid extreme temperatures affecting the device. Eargo devices are designed for use at temperatures between 5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F) and should be stored at temperatures between -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F).

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3. Stay Charged During Weekend Trips and Longer Travels

Whether you’re heading to the beach for a sun-filled weekend or embarking on a cross-country RV trip, you will want to pack your hearing aid accessories to ensure you’re prepared to enjoy the sounds of your vacation. After all, where is the joy in the beach without hearing the crashing of the waves, or the excessive honking when you’re stuck in traffic trying to get to the shore?

All Eargo systems come with a charger, micro USB cord, and USB plug so you can recharge on-the-go. Plus, now we’ve added a charger bundle to our line of accessories so you can have a backup charger when you’re away from home.

4. Keep Your Hearing Device Clean

Smelly but true: You’re likely to sweat more as summer temperatures rise. Protect your hearing aid from excess perspiration by wearing a hat or headband when you exercise. Not only will you keep your device safe, you’ll look like an 80s music video extra… getting physical like Olivia Newton John!

We’d also recommend giving your devices a thorough cleaning after particularly steamy summer days with your Eargo cleaning brush and to change the Flexi Fibers if they get dirty.

Summer comes alive with the sounds of BBQs sizzling, seagulls chattering and Carnival games seemingly taunting you for missing another hoop. Seriously, how does anyone win those goldfish? We wouldn’t want you to miss a beat.

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Interested in hearing more? Contact us today at 1-800-734-7603 to learn how Eargo can enhance your already hot lifestyle.


[1] National weather services:


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  1. How can I know if the hearing aid will fit correctly in my ear?

    • We suggest new-to-Eargo clients try our free sample kit to get an understanding of the fit and feel of our devices. After requesting the sample kit, you’ll receive a call from one of our personal hearing guides to discuss your level of hearing loss, as Eargo was designed for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. You can request your non-working sample kit today from, or call us with any questions at 1-800-734-7603. We’re all ears!

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