Popular Science Names Eargo a “Best of What’s New 2015”

As its name implies, Popular Science magazine is no slouch when it comes to spotting breakthrough technology. Each year, the world’s largest science and technology magazine selects from thousands of nominees to pinpoint 100 of the most innovative new products as part of its Best of What’s New awards. For 2015, we’re completely thrilled – and honored – that our Eargo hearing device was selected as a winner in the Best of What’s New health category. That’s quite a big deal for such a small device.

A New Model to Help Those with Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

When determining the most innovative products of the year, Cliff Ransom, Popular Science’s Editor-in-Chief, looks for  “… innovations that surprise and amaze us—those that challenge our view of what’s possible in the future.” According to Cliff:  “The award is Popular Science’s top prize, and the 100 winners are each a revolution in their respective fields.” And to revolutionize the hearing category takes more than a nifty new hearing device. We fundamentally believe that caring for your hearing health should not compromise your lifestyle, appearance or checkbook. Our team is focused on empowering consumers in new ways by making Eargo easy to try, easy to buy, easy to use, and by providing all of the support of devices that cost thousands more.

  • Aesthetics are a concern for millions of Americans suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. We’re sensitive to these concerns and set on creating a device that’s virtually invisible and fits discreetly in the ear canal.
  • Convenience has been a focal point in the Eargo experience. You can easily purchase a pair of standard devices directly online. Unlike most hearing devices, they are sold as a pair and are rechargeable. They come with four standard sound profiles, which are designed to work for the majority of people with mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • Comfort is a coveted but elusive quality for hearing aids. When you have something in your ear for 12-16 hours a day, it needs to feel natural. Our patented Flexi Fibers are soft and self-adjusting silicone fibers that hold the device in place while allowing the ear canal to breathe.
  • Natural Sounding – because the ear is not fully blocked when wearing Eargo, some ambient and low-frequency sounds such as bass pass through the canal through the gaps between Flexi Fibers. These ambient bass sounds mix with the amplified treble sounds to create a crisp, natural experience for the wearer.

The problems facing people with mild to moderate hearing loss are multi-faceted, requiring keen attention to performance and the wearer’s sensibilities alike. In the words of our co-founder and CEO Raphael Michel, “Everything about the Eargo product has been designed to empower consumers to live and feel better through technological innovation.” We are honored Popular Science has taken note of our achievement. 


From online marketing to Eargo’s website, John and team strive to help you learn about Eargo and hearing health, while hopefully having a modicum of fun.

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