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Eargo News

Ask Your Hearing Health Professional – Part I [Interview]

Have you ever wondered if you should have your hearing checked? Do you know how hearing healthcare professionals – such as audiologists, dispensers or ENT specialists – check your ears and evaluate your hearing health? What can you ask these specialists, or more importantly: what SHOULD you ask them? These are only a few of

Hearing Aids

What Could Be Better Than a Hearing Aid? Two Hearing Aids.

There are some things that just intuitively work best as a pair. Take your socks for example. You could go about your business wearing a single sock, but that might not give you much other than some curious glances from friends and colleagues. (On a side note: with today’s fashion trends, there’s a reasonable chance that wearing one sock will become the

Hearing Loss

Turn it up! Signs & Symptoms of Hearing Loss

A hearing loss can creep up on us without our even being aware that it’s happening. Because it’s often so gradual, we may not realize that it’s occurring. Sometimes it takes a family member or friend to bring it to our attention. Did you ever catch yourself really straining to read one time, only to proclaim to

Eargo News

Eargo Teams Up with MusiCares to Provide Improved Hearing to Musicians

It’s not surprising that loud music can damage eardrums, but the statistics are astounding. Based on this study (New data finds high rate of hearing loss among musicians), professional musicians in Germany are nearly four times as likely as non-musicians to suffer noise-induced hearing loss.  Some notable musicians who have endured hearing loss include Eric Clapton,

Eargo News

Popular Science Names Eargo a “Best of What’s New 2015”

As its name implies, Popular Science magazine is no slouch when it comes to spotting breakthrough technology. Each year, the world’s largest science and technology magazine selects from thousands of nominees to pinpoint 100 of the most innovative new products as part of its Best of What’s New awards. For 2015, we’re completely thrilled – and

Eargo News

Eargo Raises $25M in Series B Funding From NEA

As we often say here: “we’re on a mission to help people hear life to the fullest.” And we’re excited to announce that our little mission just got a BIG boost. A $25,000,000 boost to be exact, as part of our Series B funding. The round of investment was led by none other than New Enterprise Associates