News 12 Long Island’s Andrew Enhinger spoke with the Eargo team during CES about how Eargo’s modern hearing aids can improve mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss, and that hearing loss is “not just a problem for older adults.” Enhinger reported that “hearing damage can happen” from “exposure to loud noises and even mobile technology,” and that hearing aids can help.  Watch what News 12 Long Island has to say about our coolest hearing aid yet, Eargo Max.


The Eargo team launched Eargo Max at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Hear are some snaps of Eargonians exhibiting the company’s most innovative hearing aid (yet) at CES 2018.[1]

Learn how our personal hearing guides can help put the sound back in your life with Eargo. We’re all ears at 1-800-734-7603.





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  1. Anne D Lester Reply

    Please note your comment above where you say, “Hear are some of the ….” Please…”Here” are some of the…”
    Grammar school word use and spelling!

    Anne Lester

    • Jennifer D. Reply

      Hi Anne,

      We hear ya, but to us, this is just an ear-resistible play on words. Ch(ears)!

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