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Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, Robert Farland…

What’s that? You don’t know Robert Farland?

Okay, that’s probably because he’s not a coach on The Voice. But he is a vocal coach with thirty years of experience under his belt, Eargo Neos in his ears, and a hearing journey worth reading.

Professional Vocal Coach Robert Embarks on His Hearing Journey

That journey started with Robert’s fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Kiss.

Mrs. Kiss was the first person to realize that Robert was missing information when it was delivered to his right ear. Other teachers had noticed Robert’s struggles but assumed he was learning at a different speed than his classmates, so no one stepped in to help.

But dear old Mrs. Kiss suspected something was amiss (yes, we had to make that rhyme), and she took her suspicions to his family who consulted with an ENT. Sure enough, the ENT discovered Robert was about 50% deaf in his right ear.

Mrs. Kiss: MVP.

Robert underwent a surgery that kept his hearing loss from worsening, but he still found himself reading lips in conversations and missing vital information.

Even worse? Robert was a musician, and he was finding it difficult to interact with music. He initially resigned himself to his fate, reasoning that Beethoven was completely deaf, and had conducted entire symphonies without missing a beat. If Beethoven could do it, so could Robert.

But guess what? This isn’t the 1800s, and we don’t have to live like Beethoven.

The face of a man who never knew the joys of flushing
The face of a man who never knew the joys of flushing.

Well…we could live like Beethoven, but we’d probably miss our iPhones and TV and…indoor plumbing.

So Robert decided to steer clear of the Beethoven lifestyle, continued using flushing toilets, and started looking into hearing aids. His first pair were large, clunky, and uncomfortable. He kept them for three weeks before deciding he needed something decidedly different.

Enter, Eargo.

Over the years, Robert has used Eargo Plus, Eargo Max, and now, Eargo Neo. Right away, he knew Eargo was something special. Within a few weeks, he realized he wasn’t reading lips anymore. In fact, his hearing was so good that he could sometimes hear across the room and pick up a complete stranger’s sandwich order.

Robert basically has a superpower now. A tasty, tasty superpower.

We’d make a joke here, but we don’t want to be too hammy
We’d make a joke here, but we don’t want to be too hammy.

And most importantly, Eargos fit into Robert’s life as a professional vocal coach seamlessly.

Which is a good thing…no one should resign themselves to living like Beethoven. Especially not someone who started vocal coaching in 1979.

Yup, almost thirty years ago, Robert decided to marry his love of music with helping others. He had always enjoyed singing, and he wondered if he could spread the same joy music brought him to others. So one day, he rented out a room and gave a three-hour workshop to thirty people.

As you do.

By the end of the day, he had all thirty people singing, and he had discovered his lifelong passion.

As of today, Robert has taught thousands of people how to sing with confidence. He’s even developed a workshop called, “I am a singer, I can sing,” to great success. And of course, he’s continued to sing, boasting that he could walk into any jazz club in the world and hold his own. Eat your heart out, Ella.

And what’s been with him on every stage, at every seminar, and for every single beat?


Robert’s go-to duet partner
Robert’s go-to duet partner.

Robert has had Eargo Neo for a few weeks now, and he’s already blown away. He noted how much he appreciates the ease of changing sound profiles via Bluetooth, and says that overall, it’s been a “great experience.” He sadly didn’t say whether or not he listens in on Subway orders from miles away. We’re assuming he does. Can’t let a superpower like that go to waste.

Robert’s Favorite Wingman

However, he did mention that Eargo has been an excellent wingman. In the past, Robert had trouble hearing what dates were saying, even when they were right next to him. But now, he can go out on the town and enjoy every moment. And he can hear that the couple four tables away is ordering beef stroganoff. If that doesn’t impress the ladies, what will?

Something that actually would impress…well, everyone? Hearing life to the fullest. Robert encourages people who are on the fence about hearing aids to ask themselves why they’d pass on an opportunity to hear more of life. He thinks it’s high time we destigmatize hearing loss, and says, “people get away with wearing glasses, but with hearing aids, it seems like people downgrade you in a way.” He doesn’t understand why there’s a difference, and frankly, neither do we. Especially not when hearing aids are starting to look sleeker than ever before. Seriously, don’t be surprised if one day, Eargo Neo is gracing the cover of Vogue.

And Robert notes that he’s never had a person come up to him and ask if he’s wearing a hearing aid. No one has ever noticed, which means he gets to experience life to the fullest without making any compromises.

Robert’s Eargo Experience as Told by His Hearing Instrument Specialist, Travis:

TravisUpon evaluating Robert’s hearing loss in late 2016, we were excited to see how Eargo would handle his asymmetric severe hearing loss. He’s had this hearing deficiency since childhood and discussed with us his dissatisfaction of hearing aids he tried 15-20 years ago. The benefit of Eargo’s modern digital signal processing technology quickly became evident. From Eargo Plus to Eargo Max to Eargo Neo, Robert consistently noticed the improvement in his hearing ability. After wearing Eargos for a few months, Robert mentioned feeling more energized because he didn’t need to concentrate so hard on hearing.

We were hitting the mark acoustically, but Robert had additional comments that suggested we look closer at the physical fit of the devices. We collected anatomical data of ear canals and started prototyping various Flexi Fibers, ultimately leading to the new Flexi Palms. With the Flexi Palms, we’re able to provide additional power with less likelihood of feedback, while still retaining a comfortable and un-occluded fit. As we continue improving our product, we’re fortunate to have Robert’s insightful feedback along the way.

Our mission from day one has been to make hearing easy, to ensure you’ll always stay in the moment and never miss a beat. Request your free sample for fit and feel, or get in touch with our hearing professionals at 1-800-734-7603 to discuss whether Eargo is right for your mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss, so you can experience the world in full, rich technicolor sound.


Amanda is Eargo's intrepid copywriter. She spends her days sipping coffee and brainstorming ear puns. So far, she's penned aurally good one or two.


  1. Your device seems like a solution to many for hearing loss, but not in my case. My needs are with adjustable volume,done remotely etc.high and low tone needs to automatically adjust. Your unit would not be for my hearing. Thank-You for trying to help. Ken DeLue.

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