Time to invent the perfect superhero…

Meet DJ Boss Groover.

He has cyber hearing, so advanced he puts the Six Million Dollar Man to shame.

He spins amazing beats, faster than the speed of light!

He’s worked as a PBS auctioneer! He…

What’s that? You weren’t expecting the PBS auctioneer bit? Well, then, you haven’t met our real-life superhero of the month, The Boss Groover, Ed Deutch.

Hearing Loss Was No Match for DJ Ed Deutch and His Eargos!

The man, the myth, the legend.
The man, the myth, the legend.

Hailing from Athens, OH, Ed Deutch is the proud owner of Eargo Neos. And he’s so enamored with his Eargos, he wants to join our team and change the world, one pair of ears at a time.

But not so fast! All good superheroes have an intriguing backstory, and Ed is no exception. So without further ado (and with far fewer radioactive spiders…), here’s Ed’s story.

Picture it: the 1960s. We open on your typical, all-American high school student. He loves music, but he’s never experimented with amplifying sound.

Until tonight, that is.

There’s a strange electricity in the air. The world is eerily silent as Ed kneels on the ground. His hands shake as he reaches for the amp’s cord. He closes his eyes tight and plugs it in, hardly daring to breathe.

He cues up the first song, and…

…sound erupts through the air. Beats shimmer through the night, melodies twist through the air, and the rhythms pound in Ed’s chest. And just like that, a passion is born.

Okay, maybe we took some creative licenses, but Ed did catch the DJ fever by using amps back in high school.

And from that fever came The Boss Groover, Ed’s alter-ego. He started DJing all over the world for birthdays, weddings, centennials…you name it. As Ed said, “if it involves a microphone or speaker, I’ve done it.”

But like all great heroes, Ed had a nemesis. And he found that nemesis in the very thing he held dear…


You can gasp. We were shocked, too. How could they turn on him like that?

Well…pretty easily, and without even meaning to.

The Boss Groover Versus His Greatest Foe: Hearing Loss

See, even though The Boss Groover would be nowhere without ‘em, those speakers packed punch after punch of high decibels to Ed’s hearing. Over the next fifty-one years of professional DJing, Ed’s hearing gradually started to decline. So gradually, that Ed didn’t even notice anything was really wrong. It wasn’t until his wife pointed out he was missing large parts of conversation that Ed realized something might be amiss.

But remember, Ed’s a superhero, so he didn’t take it lying down. He was determined to fight back and emerge victorious.

So Ed went to his audiologist who recommended a $6,000 set of hearing aids that would hang outside of his ear and announce to the world he was wearing hearing aids. Rather than immediately break the bank and call attention to his hearing loss, he decided to poke around and see what else was out there.

Enter Ed’s partner-in-crime…the Robin to his Batman…

Eargo hearing aids.

He Gets by with a Little Help from His Friends

Ed found Eargo like any good superhero finds a sidekick: through a television advertisement.

We need a tiny little cape.
We need a tiny little cape.

He saw one of our snazzy TV ads and was intrigued by these invisible, comfortable, rechargeable hearing aids that cost over 50% less than the devices he’d been quoted. So he went to the website, got in touch with Susan, one of Eargo’s rockstar hearing guides, and decided to give Eargo a shot.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Ed was sold. He could live his life again, experience music again, and go about his awesome auctioneering duties again. And more than anything, he wanted to pay it forward. He contacted Susan and asked if he could sell Eargos to help others hear life to the fullest, because once he finds a product he believes in, he “doesn’t mind talking it up.”

Thanks, Ed. That’s music to our ears.

And we gotta say, he’s been doing a stellar job talking it up. He told us that almost immediately, he could hear a noticeable difference. He didn’t have any sort of adjustment period, and he could even hear the TV in the other room! If that’s not a superhero power, what is?

Ed and his wife can have normal conversations again, without missing every other word. And perhaps the icing on the cake for this veteran radio DJ? He can hear the radio in his car clear as day. No more missed NPR stories. That’s music to Ed’s ears.

Ed says that nowadays, you’d have to drag him to an audiologist, which makes sense. Once you’ve experienced the comfort, ease, and cutting-edge technology in Eargo devices, why would you ever go back to the past? As Ed said, “Eargos have done for hearing aids what computers did for typewriters.” And much as we love the nostalgic, clickity-clack of typewriter keys, we wouldn’t trade in our superfast laptop for anything. And that mentality certainly extends to hearing aids.

DJ Boss Groover urges those who are on the fence to try Eargos and experience the difference for themselves. Which is actually pretty easy to do, thanks to our fit-and-feel sample kit. You can request your very own free sample for fit and feel, or call our Personal Hearing Guides at 1-800-734-7603. But you’ll have to pick out your own superhero name.

Ed Deutch’s Eargo Experience as Told by His Personal Hearing Professional, Amber:

AmberI have a little over a decade of experience in the hearing healthcare industry. As a doctor of audiology, I’ve worked in clinical setting, sales for one of the “big six” hearing aid manufacturers, and I have even helped run a tinnitus foundation. Ultimately, my favorite aspect has always been less about paperwork and reports, and more about hearing loss and technology. At Eargo, I can get back to pushing less papers and more about talking with clients to help them understand their hearing loss, proper daily communication habits, as well as how to keep these amazing little electronics in the best shape.

Like many, Ed had a career that exposed him to toxic levels of noise, and after 5 decades of exposure to loud music as a DJ the damage was done.  A fun fact I found out about Ed’s professional background was his history working for companies like Apple during the rise of the iPhone. Even though Ed is intuitive about technology, he is no stranger to the importance of working with professionals who know their product best. He’s a good listener when he is given advice about how to properly care for his Eargos and he was not afraid to ask lots of questions for help as he learned the best techniques.

Ed is a busy guy in his personal life as he cares for family, plans a move, DJs events – his hearing loss shouldn’t burden those situations. I’m glad we can fit Ed’s active and tech savvy lifestyle.


Amanda is Eargo's intrepid copywriter. She spends her days sipping coffee and brainstorming ear puns. So far, she's penned aurally good one or two.


  1. Stephen Williams Reply

    I received my samples in the mail, and yes, they are comfortable and almost invisible. But, how good do they work? Do you have a free 30 trial? My current hearing aid came with a risk free 30 day free trial. Audibel is the brand.

    • We’d suggest taking our hearing aids for a test drive so you can hear for yourself. It’s important to note each direct-to-consumer purchase comes with a 45 day, money-back guarantee. So, you can return your devices no questions asked should they not work with your mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss. Please call our Personal Hearing Guides at 1-800-734-7603 with questions.

  2. ricky torrance Reply

    *As of 4/22/19: Eargo systems come with 45 day easy returns and are subject to a $99 handling fee. so it is not a 45 day, FULL money-back guarantee.

    • Thanks, Ricky. You’re right that we have updated our Terms of Service since our previous comment: Eargo grants you a forty-five (45) day period valid from the date you receive the Device. Within this 45-day period, you can return your Devices and you will be refunded your total payment, less any expedited shipping if any, and minus a $99 handling fee. Here’s more: https://eargo.com/misc/terms-of-use

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