Fred and Kathy are tackling their hearing loss together with the Eargo hearing loss solution.

For adventurers Fred Weremey and Kathy Hall, every day is Valentine’s Day. And after 29 years of marriage, they still celebrate their anniversary every single month on the 21st. 

“We’ve done that since day one,” Kathy says. “We send each other a card and go out to dinner.”

In those 29 years, Fred and Kathy have traveled the world together, from dog sledding in Alaska to exploring ruins in the Yucatan. But they also enjoy the quiet days at home, riding horses together on their farm in Vermont, where they moved in 2002 after retiring from Gillette Company in Boston. He’s an engineer, and she’s a chemist. 

Their current adventure? Embarking on their hearing loss journey together. 

While Fred’s been dealing with hearing loss for nearly 10 years, Kathy began to notice she had a hard time hearing from her left ear this summer. 

“It was starting to be obvious in crowded situations, like in a busy restaurant,” she says. “I found that annoying.” 

Kathy wasted no time seeing an audiologist for a hearing test, who said her hearing loss was mild, but was more significant in her left ear, which explained why she had trouble hearing Fred on drives together in the car. The doctor said she didn’t necessarily need hearing aids yet, but she knew she wanted to do something. 

“I like everything to work,” she says. “If I have a sore knee, I want it fixed.” 

“Kathy has a type-A personality,” Fred adds. 
She knew she didn’t want an obvious behind-the-ear hearing aid like Fred had, especially because of her short hair. So when she was reading her Apple News Plus one day and came across a Forbes article about Eargo, she started doing some research of her own.

“I became curious about it, and the more I read I thought, well this is a no brainer,” she says. So before the holidays, Kathy ordered a pair of Eargo Neos. She was amazed by the results.

“From the first day that I tried them I thought, wow! I could see a clear difference,” Kathy says. “When I walked to our horse farm, we’ve got snow on the ground so it would be kind of crunchy. All of the noises and all of the sounds that I heard were so natural.”

Fred’s traditional behind-the-ear hearing aids, on the other hand, weren’t so natural sounding. In fact, he found himself turning them down so often that he began to use that feature to his advantage, tuning out noisy crowds and settings he didn’t want to hear at all. 

“I kept saying, ‘Fred, that’s not fair. Normal hearing, you have to live with that.’” Kathy says with a laugh. 

He also found himself needing to get his behind-the-ear hearing aids serviced every couple of months. When he saw Kathy’s Eargo Neos, he decided to give them a spin and found them much more convenient and natural sounding. But then he caught wind of Eargo Neo HiFi and one-upped Kathy by ordering our brand-new state-of-the-art hearing loss solution.

“Having worn hearing aids for half a dozen years, I had no problem whatsoever taking them out and inserting them, and it was a no brainer. It was just flawless. No adjustment needed,” he says.

The true test? The couple took their new Eargos on an eight-day cruise together. Kathy with her Eargo Neos and Fred with his Eargo Neo HiFis. Spoiler alert: They both passed the test with flying colors. 

“We both wore them every day and we never had to recharge the charger for the whole week,” Kathy says. “It’s amazing.”

From dining with other couples in busy on-board restaurants to watching live performances in the 920-person theater, they didn’t miss a beat. 

But as the scientist of the family, Kathy decided she’d like to do a little experiment of her own and tried Fred’s Eargo Neo HiFis while out to dinner in a restaurant on the cruise.

“What I liked about the HiFis in particular was the fact that you have a lot more flexibility with adjustments using the app,” Kathy says. She loved them so much that she ordered a pair for herself. “If it’s technical, I like it, so I bought the HiFis. One of the main reasons is that so I can modify the settings.” 

Now that Kathy and Fred are hearing life through new ears, they’re excited to keep doing all the things that they love—from Kathy’s competitive trail riding to Fred’s tennis games.

“It’s all about quality of life, so we try to keep reasonably fit, physically and mentally so that we can do the things that we like to do, and obviously hearing aids is one of the factors,” Fred says.

Another perk? “Kathy has stopped mumbling, thank goodness,” Fred says with a laugh.

“And I can talk to him from another room,” Kathy says. “Before we had to be within 10 feet and looking at each other with no noise in the background.” 

Now, they can enjoy their dinners out with friends and not worry about being able to hear the conversation—even at the restaurant they love because it has the best food but the worst acoustics, they say. Instead of hiding the fact that she’s wearing hearing aids, Kathy says she’s excited about her Eargos and can’t wait to tell her friends about them. 

“One couple, friends of ours, are both going for hearing tests because they’ve got hearing loss and have been putting it off for years,” she says. “They all know I’ve got my Eargos and I love them, so I say, ‘Try them for goodness sakes!’”

For anyone else with hearing loss, they’ve got one piece of advice: “Take the plunge now because life is short,” Fred says. “Enjoy the ride.”

“Why wait?” Kathy echoes. “Just do it. Try it. You have nothing to lose. You will be pleasantly surprised at the hearing improvement.”

As for Fred and Kathy, they’re looking ahead to all the things they’ll enjoy with their new ears. Their next great adventure together? A Russian cruise. And we can bet their Eargos will be on their packing list.

“It’s made life a lot more pleasant,” Fred says. “It was pleasant before, but now it’s really great. And I think we’ll stay together for another 29 years.” 

Are you ready to start your Eargo adventure? Give us a call today at 1-800-734-7603 for a free consultation with one of our licensed hearing professionals, or shop online. As Kathy says, why wait?


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