There is so much for you to gain as you hear and live life to the fullest wearing Eargo.-Joe

Joe’s Eargo Journey Alongside His Hearing Health Professional

At Eargo, we’re on a mission to help our clients hear life to the fullest. Our team of personal hearing guides recently received an out-of-this-world review from a happy customer, Joe. Here’s his Eargo experience, along with how Joe and his Eargo Hearing Health Professional worked together to ensure Joe had a smooth transition from his clunky to our modern hearing aids.

Joe’s Eargo Experience

Joe Adams My name is Joe. I am a mentor, personal coach and consultant who works around the globe. While far from the most expensive hearing aid, I chose to improve my hearing with Eargo’s devices. Why? I’ll be brutally honest with you.

Reason number one is all about my personal appearance. Wearing the usual behind-the-ear hearing aid makes the wearer look “old.” I never want to be characterized as a member of the “over-the-hill” gang.

Reason number two is all about my professional appearance. Colleagues can presumptuously judge their coworker’s competence, capability and potential to a surprisingly large degree on appearance alone. Trying to understand comments from meeting participants, especially the soft-spoken ones, was becoming a real issue. I do not want to be known as part of the professional “over-the-hill” gang. Visible hearing aids can unfortunately convey deficiency, inability and even weakness.

It wasn’t that long ago when I was the Chief Operations Officer of a multimillion dollar hearing assessment and hearing aid distribution company, operating in five prominent states. My point is not to brag, but to let you know that I happen to know a lot about hearing devices. We delivered hearing aids that cost more than $6,000. In fact, I own an expensive pair of hearing aids, and do not wear them because of the personal and professional reasons I previously shared. And, I hasten to add, continually replacing those little batteries all the time on those unattractive and expensive devices is more than a simple annoyance.

I am happy to say that today I wear Eargo. My wife and family are happy to not have the television blaring. My clients are happy to not have me asking, “Would you mind repeating that again?” My strong belief is that you will be happy when you wear Eargo hearing aids. There is so much for you to gain as you hear and live life to the fullest wearing Eargo. The same is true for and everyone around—so just do it!

Eargo’s Hearing Health Professional’s Experience with Joe – Written by Sarah Banks, Personal Hearing Professional

I became Joe’s hearing health professional shortly after he purchased his Eargo hearing aids. As part of Eargo’s Professional Services Team, I reach out to new clients within the days following their order to schedule a Welcome Call. The purpose of this call is to answer questions our clients have about their new devices, as well as provide information on hearing rehabilitation and tips about successfully using their Eargo devices. We want our clients, like Joe, to know we are their partners through their journey to improved hearing.

Eargo personal hearing guides

Though Joe and I could not set up a call right away, I answered his initial questions over email and referred him to our video library. Joe is an experienced hearing aid user and a veteran of the hearing aid industry. Because of this, he was able to compare Eargo to what he considered very expensive hearing aids. When we spoke, he was vocal about how impressed he was with Eargo’s sound quality, invisibility, and the convenience of our charging system.

Since purchasing Eargo, Joe and I have had multiple phone conversations and email exchanges. He is so happy with his Eargo devices he began to refer his friends! Eargo’s hearing health professionals stay in contact with our new clients during the first couple months to help clients acclimate to the device, and are open to questions after that time period. As most of our hearing health professionals would agree, it is rewarding when people take steps to improve their hearing and overall health, and are as happy as Joe.

Interested in Trying Eargo?

Our team of hearing health professionals are available for any questions about our comfortable, invisible hearing aids. Give us a call at 1-800-734-7603 or get your free, non-working sample for fit and feel.

There is so much for you to gain as you hear and live life to the fullest wearing Eargo.-Joe


Sarah Banks, a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in NC, has been helping people hear better since 2008.

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