After admitting I needed help with my hearing, Eargo finally gave me hope!

Jerry’s Eargo Journey

Introduction – by Steve Eagon

After 25+ years as an audiologist, I never get tired hearing stories about people living a better life while using hearing devices. But after talking with Eargo client Jerry Baggett, and hearing him describe how Eargo devices provided him a sense of hope, it dawned on me that I couldn’t recall someone saying a hearing product gave them “hope.” Jerry’s story is the first of many Eargo journeys told by real clients, which we’ll be posting regularly here on the Eargo Blog. Jerry summed up the reason behind the post better than anyone – “I hope my story motivates and inspires others like me to take this step to live a better life!” Amen, Jerry! And sincerest thanks for kicking off the series.


My Eargo Journey – by Jerry Baggett; Bismarck, ND (as told to Steve Eagon)


As a 67-year-old guy (feeling like I’m 47), I never wanted to think I might have hearing loss. I still felt (and feel) young, I work full-time and like to do goofy things with my wife. I was asking people to repeat themselves, I couldn’t follow conversations in noisy places, and I would have trouble understanding people with high-pitched voices. I would get agitated, angry, frustrated, and it would generally affect my attitude. Lastly, and most importantly, I also realized that it was really affecting my wife of 31 years, Darlene. Dee (as I call her) is very patient and would joke that she was my “English interpreter.” I felt I was becoming an irritation to her, and I couldn’t let this continue.

I was asking people to repeat themselves and couldn’t follow conversations in noisy places.

How It All Started

I started considering hearing aids many years ago and went to a couple name-brand places, but it just wasn’t for me for several reasons. I was very vain and equated hearing aids with “old age.” I also knew if I didn’t do something, things were only going to get worse. Shortly after a couple of hearing tests, I saw an Eargo advertisement on Facebook. The way the company spoke about hearing loss in an upbeat and caring way, the fact that Eargo didn’t look like hearing aids, and that they were barely noticeable gave me hope. Basically, I felt like Eargo was taking away the stigma of using hearing aids. The hope I had was this would be the answer to what I was looking for. So, I called and spoke with someone and ordered the sample pack* to make sure the sizing was right. Yes, Eargo was real and they fit great.

Basically, I felt like Eargo was taking away the stigma of using hearing aids.

Experiencing My Eargo Devices

After ordering my Eargos, I was actually excited to try them out myself. Dee and I couldn’t wait for them to get here. When I was asked what it was like to use them for the first time, I told the Eargo folks it was simply amazing – a different world! The TV volume went down, conversations became sharper, and Dee says it was one of the best things that’s happened to our marriage. We look at each other and laugh every time she says this! Dee also says I understand words so much better and don’t accuse her of talking gibberish. “Potato” actually means “potato” now.

When thinking about my first weeks with Eargo, I remember there were challenges at first – getting used to hearing sounds again and figuring out how to adjust the different listening settings. But after several days of practicing, I became comfortable with them. Any time I’ve had a question, the team at Eargo have been there to listen and take care of me, and I can’t say enough about their customer service.

Eargo is one of the best things that’s happened to our marriage.

Yes, I’m a huge fan and I thank the Eargo people for designing such an amazing product. To sum this up, I was asked what advice I might have to pass along to someone thinking of trying hearing aids. Basically, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying. So why not try? Do what I did – swallow some pride and do something for yourself and your life.


Eargo MaxHear what you want, when you want with Eargo. Our personal hearing guides want to help well, guide, you to a hearing solution that works for your borderline hearing loss on your terms. Take the first step toward better hearing. Request a free sample for fit and feel today and speak with a member of our team on your schedule at 1-800-734-7603.


* Samples are non-working and only for fit and feel.


Steve is Eargo’s Head of Sales Operations. With over 25 years experience as an audiologist, Steve has helped countless patients over the years.

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