Join Joe on his emotional journey as he rediscovers a world of sound.

Up until 10 years ago, Joe’s hearing was so good, he could hear a leaf drop outside.

These used to be no match for Joe’s ears.
These used to be no match for Joe’s ears.

But then came the double ear infections. After a lifetime of excellent hearing, Joe suddenly found his hearing reduced by about 80%. 

And while he thankfully gained a substantial amount of that back, at the end of the day, he was left with moderate hearing loss in both ears. He tried to ignore it, but he could tell things were wrong—he was missing out on conversations, music was quieter, and he struggled to hear the TV. So when his boss asked if he had ever considered wearing hearing aids, Joe decided to look into it. 

What he found were clunky, antiquated devices that belonged in the Stone Age like so many others, so he shrugged his shoulders, figured hearing aids weren’t for him, and learned to live with his hearing loss. 

But one day, while thumbing through the latest issue of PC Magazine, he saw a review of Eargo’s nearly invisible, fully rechargeable hearing aids. It piqued his interest and he decided to order his very own pair. 

They arrived the next day, so Joe popped them in his ears and heard pure, clear sound for the first time in years. Even Joe’s wife noticed how excited he was, calling him “a kid with a toy” as he started to re-experience long-forgotten sounds.


He wore them to work as a programmer and found himself wondering, “How [could] I have been sitting here in my office, completely unaware of the sounds in the room?” From the air conditioner whirring and the clock ticking to the fan blowing on his laptop, Joe was suddenly aware of all the sounds he had been missing for years. His wife’s voice was clearer, and he was finally able to hear the conversation at group dinners. WIN-WIN!

Joe spent years with his Eargo Plus, but he recently upgraded to our newest and most advanced device, Eargo Neo. He was immediately wowed with the sharper sound quality and the more advanced noise reduction. Both Joe and his wife really noticed the difference one day at a family brunch. 

“It was loud, so I dropped my aids to program 3 and I was astonished,” he says. “The voices all became distinct and clear and the noise floor dropped. My wife looked at me and said ‘What happened?’ I must have had a look of wonder on my face. It was remarkable. A technological feat that I would not have imagined possible.”

With his new Eargo Neos, Joe thinks his hearing is every bit as good as it was when he was 30.

Eargo Neo
Joe’s new favorite accessory.

“In my 40-ish years of audiophile experience, this is top five in effects. I literally could have cried I was so emotionally taken aback by this experience. I swear, I could have cried,” he says. “It was like sunglasses for my ears—kill the glare, sharpen the details, make it easier to focus on what was important. Instead of noise, I heard clearly rendered voices across the entire restaurant. If I tried, I could hear what anyone in the restaurant was saying. I’m still awed.” 

Now, Joe’s back to being an active participant in life. He can go to dinners, events, and concerts again and enjoy them just as much as he did years ago. 

“We went to see a tribute concert for ABBA—not hard rock, but it was loud,” he says. “Eargo Neo held tight and performed flawlessly. I felt as if I were 20 again. I took them out for about two minutes to compare. I lost a significant amount of high-end, and even the mids seemed flat. I put them back in and everything opened up again. Truly impressive.”

Don’t miss a beat.
Don’t miss a beat.

But what we think is truly impressive? That Joe took the first step toward treating his hearing loss. And forgive us for this, but now that we’re in an ABBA mood––hearing loss shouldn’t be your “Waterloo,” and we have a dream that you’ll take a chance on us. With Eargo, everyone’s a winner, and as we all know, “The Winner Takes it All.” Plus, your ears will absolutely “Thank You For the Music.” Joe strongly urges anyone who’s suffering from hearing loss to look into Eargo

“Take a look at what you’re missing in conversations, and imagine being able to hear all of that,” he says. “It brings you back into the conversation; you get to participate wholly when you previously may have been questioning what people [were] saying.” 

And you get to really enjoy ABBA tribute concerts. Win-win-win. 

Want to experience Eargo’s unparalleled comfort and invisibility for yourself? No problem. You can request your very own free sample pair for fit and feel by calling our Personal Hearing Guides at 1 (800) 734-7603. Just don’t be too amazed when they disappear into your ears like magic.


Amanda is Eargo's intrepid copywriter. She spends her days sipping coffee and brainstorming ear puns. So far, she's penned aurally good one or two.

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