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Eargo News

It’s Our Birthday!

Happy Birthday to us!  We’re celebrating our seventh birthday – lucky number seven! To commemorate the occasion, we’ve rounded up seven quotes from our team to help reflect on where we’ve

Hearing Technology

Eargo + Telehealth: The Future is Now

By now, you’ve probably heard some buzz about telehealth (what will these startups dream up next?). But what is telehealth, and how can it benefit your well-being? According to the U.S.

Eargo News

Ammunition Designs Slick Eargo Hearing Aids

The spotlight is on our hearing aids once again (shine that limelight a little brighter, it’s hard to see our invisible devices). Ammunition Group, the design masterminds behind Beats by

Hearing Loss

Making Hearing Loss Invisible

Dinner parties, conference calls and intimate conversations (lean in a little closer and speak up, please) are all an important part of life. Hearing aids can help you live a richer life by being

You have to do this! It will change your life!
Success Story

Alexander’s Eargo Journey [Success Story]

You have to do this! It will change your life! – Alexander Flamer Introduction – by Steve Eagon I first talked to Al Flamer a few months ago when he was thinking about purchasing a

Hearing Loss

3 Tips to Improve Hearing at Work

Do you routinely find yourself having issues with hearing others at work? Do you find yourself often trying to lip-read to piece together conversations with colleagues? Communication can be key

Hearing Aids

Four Ways to Protect Your Hearing Aids This Summer

While hot weather should not damage your hearing aids, it’s important to protect your hearing devices as temperatures rise. Here are a few ways for you to help keep your devices in tip-top shape

Cheryl ordered the Eargo Plus and according to her, "The results were immediate and life-changing!"
Success Story

My Eargo Journey – Cheryl Shay [Success Story]

Eargo Plus has been a wonderful change for the both of us. I can also hear my grandchildren so much better – and they don’t whisper as much as I thought. – Cheryl Shay Introduction –

Hearing Loss

The Misunderstanding Two-Step: Hearing Loss & Communication

In many ways, our daily conversations with people are like a dance (and you thought you couldn’t dance!). Both involve a lot of verbal (and non-verbal) cues that offer their fair share of awkward