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Hearing Aids

Eargo Max: Maximum Performance. Minimum Size.

The best hearing aid we’ve ever designed. At Eargo, our customers are at the center of everything we do and that is especially true when it comes to our product development. It was with their help and marvelous feedback that we’re proud to introduce our latest innovation, Eargo Max. With an all-new chip for maximum

Hearing Loss

New Year, New Ears

Resolutions abound in January, and there’s no better time to kickstart your year on the right foot (er, ear). We know you’ve heard this from us before, but it’s worth repeating: Over 48 million Americans currently experience hearing loss and 80% of them do nothing about it. That’s a significant amount of ears going unheard

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss During the Holidays

Back-and-forth conversations across a crowded holiday dinner table can be considered difficult for just about everyone, especially for guests contending with hearing loss. But these are the moments we treasure and remember, like Uncle Frank blessing us with his fly fishing story for the 11th time since he arrived. There is no reason for anyone

Success Story

Papa Claus John’s Eargo Journey [Success Story]

Thanks Eargo for thinking outside the box and inside my ears! – John Wenstrup Introduction – by Steve Eagon Mr. Wenstrup was one of my first clients to purchase Eargo Plus. He shared his stories about acting as Santa on our first phone call, and how he really wasn’t hearing the children when they came to sit

Eargo News

12 Days of Eargo

‘Tis the season to hear more of life! Financial analyst by day, St. Nick by night! One of our clients, John Wenstrup, rewrote the “12 Days of Christmas,” keeping Eargo’s insanely comfortable, virtually invisible devices in mind. Client-turned-Santa’s seasonal poem is worth a read – even out loud, to your kids or pets. We won’t

Success Story

Joe’s Eargo Journey Alongside His Hearing Health Professional

There is so much for you to gain as you hear and live life to the fullest wearing Eargo.-Joe At Eargo, we’re on a mission to help our clients hear life to the fullest. Our team of personal hearing guides recently received an out-of-this-world review from a happy customer, Joe. Here’s his Eargo experience, along

Eargo News

It’s Our Birthday!

Happy Birthday to us!  We’re celebrating our seventh birthday – lucky number seven! To commemorate the occasion, we’ve rounded up seven quotes from our team to help reflect on where we’ve been (namely, in our clients’ ears), and where we’re going.

Hearing Technology

Eargo + Telehealth: The Future is Now

By now, you’ve probably heard some buzz about telehealth (what will these startups dream up next?). But what is telehealth, and how can it benefit your well-being? According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, telehealth is defined as the use of electronic information and telecommunication technologies to support and promote long-distance clinical

Eargo News

Ammunition Designs Slick Eargo Hearing Aids

The spotlight is on our hearing aids once again (shine that limelight a little brighter, it’s hard to see our invisible devices). Ammunition Group, the design masterminds behind Beats by Dre headphones and Square, the modern cash register that uses Apple technology to simplify transactions, Plus-ed Eargo’s original hearing aid design. To top that, Co.Design

Hearing Loss

Making Hearing Loss Invisible

Dinner parties, conference calls and intimate conversations (lean in a little closer and speak up, please) are all an important part of life. Hearing aids can help you live a richer life by being able to better comprehend what your family, friends, and colleagues are saying. Studies have shown that individuals experiencing unaddressed hearing loss