Hear Every Moment

You live for every moment. And you know that to live for every moment means you’ve got to hear every moment. Because life is a symphony of sounds.

The giggles of laughter.
The thunder of breaking waves.
The pitter patter of tiny footsteps.
The roar of a crowd.

These are the sounds that make life come alive.

So what do you do when those sounds begin to fade? Well, life doesn’t challenge you, you challenge it. You take your vitamins, you go to the gym, you start an Instagram profile. You take on life by the horns to ensure that you are always the sharpest version of yourself.

So, why should your hearing be any different? But the traditional plethora of doctor office visits (who has time for that?) and a tired, old hearing solution is not made for your lifestyle. You have too much to do and no time to feel old. It’s time for a change.

Time for something new.
Time to be treated like a person, not a patient.
Time to pay less and get more.
Time for hearing technology to catch up to the 21st century.

That time is now…. We are Eargo and we offer a new way.

A new way to hear life again.
A new way to find a hearing solution.
A new way for modern technology to fit your lifestyle… not change it.

Because at Eargo, we believe that hearing solutions should be heard and not seen. That’s why we’ve created beautifully designed, state of the art hearing aids that are nearly invisible and practically weightless in design. So you’ll hear everything, experiencing the world in full, rich technicolor sound and give away nothing.

At Eargo, we believe that taking on life means that there’s no time to waste. That’s why we’ve totally redesigned the hearing solution journey. Everything is done online or over the phone. No hassles. No appointments. No disappointments. With Eargo, you’re in the driver’s seat.

And, we believe we’re in this together. That’s why we provide licensed professional support if you need it, when you need it, wherever you need it, for as long as you need it (unlimited support). With Eargo, we are committed to you at every moment.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We are committed to continually finding new ways to invent, simplify, improve and challenge the status quo. Our mission is to make hearing easy and we will never quit. We will always push the envelope and never stop asking why. Or why not? Because at Eargo, it’s not about many sales we make, but how many lives we change.

We strive to change hearing health every day to ensure that you’ll always stay in the moment and never miss a beat.

Because we believe people shouldn’t feel that they need a hearing aid. They should feel that they want one.

We are Eargo. Come hear with us.

Hear every moment.


Marketing disruptor driven by his passion to fight social injustices (like reduced cream filling inside Twinkies) and growing brands by way of osmosis???


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  2. Jason Welch Reply

    Being im very brand new to all of this in general, is there any types of financial assistance available to aide myself in purchasing your hearing device?

    • We do not currently handle any direct filing with insurance companies as it helps help keep costs down for our clients. If your provider covers hearing aids, our audiologists will complete a superbill for you. You can learn more about our low-cost financing options, starting at $90 a month for 24 months, at shop.eargo.com, or by calling our Personal Hearing Guides at 1-800-734-7603 with any questions.

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