Get back in the conversation. With Eargo you’ll hear every word—even if you wish you hadn’t.

We’ve all been there—you’re going about your day when suddenly, you stumble into a conversation you have no business hearing. If you’re the average adult with some high-frequency hearing loss, you likely don’t have to worry about this becoming a regular occurrence. 

But with Eargo Neo HiFi, our state-of-the-art new hearing loss solution, you might find yourself overhearing quite a few conversations that weren’t meant for your ears.

That’s because our latest hearing loss solution features richer, more natural sound quality and smarter feedback cancellation, so you can hear every conversation around you—even ones you’re not a part of. 

Don’t believe us? See the awkwardness unfold for yourself in our brand-new commercial when one dad overhears more than he bargained for during his daughter and son-in-law’s weekend visit.

Have You Ever #overheard Something You Wish You Hadn’t?

Let’s Talk About Hearing Loss

In the United States, nearly 42 million Americans have hearing loss. 

And here’s the kicker: Most people wait an average of seven years before doing anything about their hearing loss. That’s seven years of missing out on conversations with loved ones, old friends, kids, grandkids, parties, big meetings—all the stuff that matters. 

“It’s a mainstream problem no one is talking about,” says Shiv Singh, our chief marketing officer.

Our mission is to de-stigmatize hearing loss and get people talking about it. We want to help everyone hear life to the fullest without missing a beat. “The ad is not the [dad] losing it a little bit, he’s the smartest person in the room,” says Singh. 

And just like our TV-dad got ahead of his hearing loss, you can too.

It’s time to get proactive about hearing health. It’s time to hear what you’ve been missing (even some of the things your family might be glad you’re missing). We can help.

Our Favorite Treatment?

A spoonful of sugar, naturally. But barring that, the best way to treat mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss is with Eargo hearing aids. Pop them in and get ready to hear the world in surround sound––no tests, appointments, or hassles to get in your way. Plus, Eargos are virtually invisible, rechargeable, comfortable, and come backed with lifetime support from our licensed hearing professionals. That means you can focus on what really matters. 

And that means the good, the bad, and, yes, even the incredibly awkward.

Ready to start your hearing journey today? Give us a call at 1-800-734-7603 to talk to our experts about hearing loss, hearing aids, and Eargo. They’re here to answer all of your questions. 


Amanda is Eargo's intrepid copywriter. She spends her days sipping coffee and brainstorming ear puns. So far, she's penned aurally good one or two.

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