A Great Night at the Clio Awards

Just like our customers, most of us who work at Eargo are unique in almost every way imaginable. Some of us are night owls, some of us early risers. Some of us listen to the Beatles, others went to their concerts. But what unites us all is our passion and belief that clear and crisp hearing without social compromise should be available for everyone. This mission gets us up every day looking for new ways to deliver on that promise and hearing from our customers about the impact Eargo has had on their lives not only puts smiles on our faces, it gives us a tremendous amount of satisfaction that our work is making a difference. We approach our work within these walls not as a job but more like a vocation…and our customers are more like family. Just the other day we heard from a new customer who wrote to us to say that, “the world was beautiful again.” We’re still smiling about that one!

Eargo Won Gold

But every so often, we get accolades from the press and industry peers. To be frank, we blush at these kinds of honors. Getting this kind of notoriety for us reaffirms that we’re on the right track to changing the hearing health industry and improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. But on September 28th, 2016 we were honored with an award that had us doing cartwheels in the halls, dancing on boardroom tables and punching out Pokémon’s across the Bay area. We won a Gold Clio for Product Design.


So what is Clio Awards?

The Clio’s are an international award competition founded in 1959 to celebrate high achievement in the creative business and to recognize work that pushes boundaries and establish a new precedent. Think of it as the Oscars for work in marketing and advertising, and this was their inaugural award for the Product Design category.

Few companies have won one, never mind a Gold, but we were honored with one for our efforts in product design. We’ve always prided ourselves in the design of our Eargo devices, charger, box, marketing material. We take pride in creating these products for our customers and we’ve had amazing feedback from customers on how much they love the design and overall experience of Eargo. To add a Clio on top of that reaffirms that we’re indeed onto something.

2016 Gold Clio Award Winners – Product Design

Herman Miller
Husqvarna Motorcycles
Ford Motor Company
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A few of us went to the awards ceremony to pick up the award and we enjoyed chatting with like-minded individuals trying to change industries or schools of thought. It was wonderful to share stories, passions, and revel in how much human ingenuity is changing the world. For us, it was a grand experience. One which we were proud to experience with all the winners and nominees.


My takeaway was that our work matters and to never accept the norm matters. That we should never stop asking why or why not? That you can change the world with an idea. But changing the world is not easy. There will be many individuals, groups, and situations which serve as obstacles along the way. But, it is passion that will drive you to persevere. We left that evening not only with a trophy for our efforts but with an affirmation of our beliefs, a few new friends and a conviction that our passion will win the day for us. Everyone at Eargo is proud of this achievement but most of all we are proud to be helping our customers hear life to the fullest….every day!


Marketing disruptor driven by his passion to fight social injustices (like reduced cream filling inside Twinkies) and growing brands by way of osmosis???


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