You never know when inspiration will strike. After 30 years of experience with thousands of patients, an a-ha moment while fly-fishing started the Eargo revolution…

Fishing for Inspiration

Eargo began as a real-life fish story, and not the type that got (er, swam) away, either.

One day inspiration struck while our founder Dr. Florent Michel, MD, was tying flies while fly fishing. As a seasoned ENT surgeon, it occurred to him that a hearing device could be modeled after the shape of a fishing fly and fit nicely inside the ear canal where no one could see it. Dr. Michel considered suspending the Eargo device’s electronics using soft, medical-grade silicone fibers mimicking those of a fishing fly. He thought this would result in a hearing aid that could solve many of the problems his patients had experienced using conventional hearing devices.

Eargo Creation Story Video from Eargo on Vimeo

Well, any fin is possible with enough determination. Dr. Michel worked with a team of industry and operational experts to create a world-class, consumer-driven medical device company that would provide its clients a modern device and industry-changing customer care. Both the company you’ve come to know and love and its Class I, FDA-regulated device are now commonly referred to as Eargo. The hearing aid’s Flexi Fibers, inspired by the fishing fly, are now a patented technology.

Over the course of his 30-plus year career, Dr. Michel’s top priority has always been the health of his patients. He designed Eargo to be a breathable, comfortable and healthy device for the ear canal. The Flexi Fibers were created to allow air to flow naturally through the ear canal, while being strong enough to hold the device firmly in place – our device isn’t going to fall out of your ears, promise. And because the Flexi Fibers don’t block the ear canal, some pure, natural bass sounds are able to pass right through, for a quality of sound that might be close enough to nature to make nature a little nervous.

Fly fishing inspiring the Eargo Hearing Aids

“Artist’s rendition of the moment Florent Michel reached his epiphany for Eargo’s design”

Dr. Michel also focused on designing the Eargo device to be small enough to fit entirely in the ear, making it virtually invisible. And because it’s so comfortable, many clients have since expressed they forget they’re even wearing them. This was important to Dr.Michel as his patients had often expressed that they had trouble fiddling with those tiny hearing aid switches, so we designed Eargo with a clever acoustic switch. All the user needs to do is pop them in and double tap each ear until you find the setting that’s right for you. Dr. Michel’s patients also said they hated changing tiny batteries all the time, so Eargo was designed to be rechargeable, like a smartphone. A single nighttime charge will last clients up to 16 hours of usage.

If you suffer from hearing loss, or even if you just have trouble hearing in noisy places like restaurants, consider this your opportunity to hear life to the fullest again — the way nature intended. Request a free sample for fit and feel today. Our team of personal hearing guides are all ears at 1-800-734-7603.


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