Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Hearing Aids and Federal Insurance.

Never fear, Eargo is here! And we’re going to answer every question you’ve ever had about your federal health insurance plan and hearing aids. 

But first, we’ve got some great news for those of you with federal insurance: Many government employee plans now cover hearing health and offer hearing aid benefits to help with hearing loss. Exciting, right? It’s like Christmas came early. 

But before you throw a party to celebrate this great news, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Then you can throw a party (and we hope we score an invite).

Are Hearing Aids Covered by Federal Insurance? 

Oftentimes Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHB) insurance plans provide a hearing aid allowance. For example, under the BlueCross BlueShield Federal Employee Program (FEP), federal employees are covered up to $2,500 for a new pair of hearing aids every three years. 

But hearing aids on average cost upward of $4,500, so that doesn’t even come close to covering the full cost if you opt for a traditional behind-the-ear hearing aid.

Are Eargo Hearing Aids Covered by Federal Insurance?

Unlike pricey traditional hearing aids, Eargo’s premium hearing aids range from $1,650 to $2,750, so your federal health insurance plan likely covers most, if not all, of the cost. No credit card, extra cash, or co-pay required. That means you could score a new pair of Eargos every three years—and you’ll be getting a revolutionary hearing aid that is both FDA-cleared and one of TIME’s best inventions of the year in 2018.

And why is Eargo worthy of that honor? Well, Eargo hearing aids are invisible, so no one will even know you’re wearing them. They’re also rechargeable, which means no more worrying about buying and replacing tiny, expensive hearing aid batteries. And of course, they’re super comfy and feature top-of-the-line audio fidelity. We’d say all that is pretty award-worthy.

Getting started with Eargo is easy. We have a team of hearing health professionals on staff who will talk to you about your hearing and determine if Eargo is right for you. And if it is, you can buy hearing aids online from the comfort of your own home, and we’ll ship them straight to your door in two to three days. You don’t even need to pay for a visit to the audiologist to get started, because there are no hearing tests or office visits necessary to get Eargo. 

How Do I Get Eargos With Federal Insurance?

We made it as easy as possible to get a pair of Eargo Neo hearing aids, at no cost to you. We’ll even file your hearing aid claim on your behalf. One of our Personal Hearing Guides will help you every step of the way through the process and answer any questions you might have. They know all about superbills, procedure codes, and other details that confuse the rest of us. Go ahead, test their insurance plan knowledge. We dare you.

If you’re covered by a participating FEHB insurance plan with an available hearing aid allowance, give us a call at 1 (800) 351-7817 and have your insurance card handy. (Not sure if you do? We can help you figure that out too.) Your Eargos will be shipped right to your door, and you’ll be hearing life to the fullest in no time—at no cost to you.

And now that we’ve covered all your questions, it’s party time. We’ll bring the guacamole.


Amanda is Eargo's intrepid copywriter. She spends her days sipping coffee and brainstorming ear puns. So far, she's penned aurally good one or two.

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