Michael Phelps...or Eargo? Who could say?[1]
Michael Phelps…or Eargo? Who could say?[1]
We finally know how it feels to be Michael Phelps.

Well, not the Aquaman-level swimming part. More the “so many awards, we don’t know what to do with them” part. Display them? Put on a low-rent version of Hamilton with them (that we still couldn’t get tickets to)? Talk about them in a blog post?

Since we can’t handle the thought of missing Hamilton again, we’re going to opt for the blog post. So sit back and get ready for the concert of a lifetime, cause we’re about to toot our own horn hard.

It’s official: Eargo is one of the best places to work!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Eargo is the proud recipient of the following four Comparably Awards:

The winners were determined based on a series of 50 questions, with topics ranging from work-life balance, compensation, and future outlook, all answered anonymously. Oh, and this wasn’t a small survey…10 million employees participated.

That’s right…out of 10 million employee ratings across 50,000 U.S. companies on Comparably.com, Eargo came out on top.

And while it’s an honor, it certainly isn’t a surprise. After all, we’ve always known that Eargo isn’t just one of these best places to work…it’s the best place to work. Where else would you find a team of hard-working, brilliant, and creative employees, using their powers to change the world for the better?

An inside look at one employee’s desk
An inside look at one employee’s desk

Where else would you find a company that cares about its employees enough to offer flexible time off, comprehensive health benefits, and enough coffee to run Starbucks out of business?

Where else would you find a company that’s just plain fun? Whether it’s our weekly lunch outings to decide which local taco shop reigns supreme, competing over who has the scariest Halloween costume or spreading a little extra joy with our annual Toys for Tots drive, we make sure to balance our work with plenty of fun. After all, who doesn’t feel happier with a belly full of tacos?

Eargo’s Toys for Tots Tree, 2018
Eargo’s Toys for Tots Tree, 2018

Where else would you find a company whose employees have nothing but glowing things to say? Want some examples? Feast your eyes:

This is hands down the BEST company that I have EVER worked for! The leadership is intelligent, supportive and it’s truly a pleasure coming to work here! The product and client care is top notch as well. It can’t be beat!”


“The teamwork is amazing. Everyone wants to help each other out, and we all have the same objective, to see Eargo be a successful Company”


“It’s fun, the teamwork is amazing, we help people live a better quality of life and we are a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids. Our hearing instrument is state of the art, high definition, fully digital, our clients absolutely love it. Our customer service is unrivaled.”


“This is one of the best companies I have ever worked for. I feel truly valued and appreciated. I do not feel uncomfortable going to any person in management about any potential issues. There is a great work-life balance that is strongly encouraged. Great benefits! Just overall…great!!!”


“We are some of the best in the industry”


Some of the best in the industry…couldn’t have put it better if we tried.

And where else would you find a CEO who takes the time to personally meet with each new employee and listen to their story?

Speaking of CEOs…

Christian’s mug of choice for all that coffee.
Christian’s mug of choice for all that coffee.

Comparably CEO Jason Nazar said, “the most successful businesses are led by amazing CEOs who serve as visionaries, in addition to being positive examples and support systems for their team.”

That fits Eargo’s CEO Christian Gormsen to a tee. He’s supportive, he’s encouraging, and he’s passionate about the company, which fuels the fire of each and every Eargo employee. Unfortunately, “amazing CEO who serves as a visionary in addition to being a positive example and support system for his team” is a little long to fit on a business card, so we guess that “World’s Best CEO” mug we bought him will have to do.

Oh, look. A show we’ll never see.[3]
Oh, look. A show we’ll never see.[2]
Look, we’ve all heard the old adage… “find a job you enjoy, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” And it’s always been a nice thought, but Eargo makes it a reality. We’re thrilled to do such important, life-changing work in a truly wonderful environment. The only thing that would make it better? If someone gave us tickets to Hamilton. Seriously, it’s been almost four years. We’re desperate.



[1] Photo courtesy of: si.com
[2] Photo courtesy of: https://aminoapps.com/


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