Everyone is unique (or so our moms told us), and so are our ear canals. Some ear canals bend to the back, some bend right, some are cavernous, some are narrow, some taper, and some flatten. You get the idea. Even with the same person, the left and right canals can be different.

Eargo Puts the Flex in Flexi Fibers

Insanely Comfortable

Designing a device adaptable to every type of ear canal was an exciting challenge the Eargo engineering team set out to tackle when developing our patented Flexi Fibers. Made from medical-grade silicone, each Flexi Fiber was designed to allow movement through each conversation, chomp or yawn (just hopefully not at this blog post). We started by focusing on whether each individual fiber was flexible enough to provide the right amount of force to hold the hearing aid in place while still being gentle enough to rest comfortably in the ear.

Comfortable Eargo Flexi Fiber

To create the most comfortable fit for ears around the globe, each fiber was poked and prodded and the exact length, taper, and shape was hacked and honed by our engineering team. Each Flexi Fiber does its part to independently conform to the exact bends and contours of the ear canal. As a whole, they combine to create an incredibly adaptive, comfortable fit.

The arrangement of the Flexi Fibers was designed to be breathable, allowing air to flow in and out of the ear. This helps the ear to breathe and control its heat and moisture levels – no sweat-wicking fabric required.

Strong to the Core

Flexi Fibers are also designed to be strong and resilient. They can stretch to over 200% their length and flex tens of thousands of times without missing a beat, no sweat. Looks like someone’s been hitting their local yoga studio. They can hop from freezing to boiling temperatures (not that you’d want to expose your ears or your Eargo hearing aids to those temperatures). Bonus: They’re also biocompatible, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. We bow to the power of our Flexi Fibers.

Air Control

Ground control to Flexi Fibers, you’ve really made the grade… take your protein pills – well, how do you think Flexi Fibers got to be strong enough to go from a sauna to a snowstorm without a complaint? Our patented product was designed with open spaces and air paths to allow for air to move freely through the device, helping to regulate temperature and moisture in the ear.

Eargo snow

The Flexi Fiber’s open, spiral pattern and large air spaces allow for mid- and low-frequencies to pass naturally through the ear to the eardrum. They also allow for greater acoustic impedance, or the ability to block higher-frequency sounds (this reminds us – it’s time to work on our “selective hearing” Sound Profile). The openness of the Flexi Fiber allows Eargo to deliver strong amplification in the frequencies needed most and yet still sound and feel natural.


Let’s get technical: The angle, or asymmetric insertion-removal force, of the Flexi Fibers, helps Eargo to stay put throughout those busy days when you’re working for the weekend. The Flexi Fibers act as a team (there’s no “i” in ear), so even if any one arm of the arms loses its suction-like grip, the other tentacles, er, fibers, will suction to help keep the device in the ear. Because there are so many arms on the device each fiber only needs to provide the smallest amount of force so that it remains gentle enough to provide the comfort you’ve come to know and love.

As agile as crawling flexi fiber

Flexi Fibers help your ears feel as though they’re floating on clouds (say hi to Major Tom for us). Request your non-working sample from try.eargo.com to learn how the patented product, made from medical-grade silicone, helps our hearing aids rest comfortably in the ear.


Daniel is a Founder and the Chief Clinical & Science Officer of Eargo. Brilliant, logical, curious, he’s our Mr. Spock, but way more fun at parties.


  1. Faye Rhodes Reply

    Looks interesting. I think I would enjoy wearing these hearing aids. I have a high frequency from being in the military. Ever year my hearing gets a little more bothersome, so I will check them out and then make a selection. Thank You.

    • Jennifer D. Reply

      Thank you for your interest in our modern hearing aids, Faye. Eargo was designed for adults with mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss and may not be appropriate for those experiencing more severe to profound loss. You can take our hearing screener at try.eargo.com, or call our team of personal hearing guides with any questions at 1-800-734-7603. Ch(ears)! 👂

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