Eargo Max: Maximum Performance. Minimum Size.

The best hearing aid we’ve ever designed.

At Eargo, our customers are at the center of everything we do and that is especially true when it comes to our product development. It was with their help and marvelous feedback that we’re proud to introduce our latest innovation, Eargo Max.

With an all-new chip for maximum audio fidelity and our best noise reduction yet, it’s the best invisible hearing aid on the planet.

Change is at the core of how we work.

Eargo Max

Our newest device isofficially Max-ed out with our latest and greatest design and engineering technology. Eargo’s sound amplification has never been louder and crisper.  Plus, we’ve added and improved features to improve the overall sound quality and ease of use.

Eargo Max comes fully-equipped with:

  • Flexi Domes – Increase your gains (we’re not talking about the kind you earn in the gym) with Eargo Max. We’ve amped up Eargo’s patented Flexi Fibers with Flexi Domes to not only help to comfortably hold the device in place, but to increase the amount of ambient bass sounds and eliminate feedback.
  • Advanced Sound Quality – Paired with our brand-spankin’ new Flexi Domes, Eargo Max offers fuller, richer sound quality and more sound amplification. Because hearing more of life is pretty cool, if you ask us (we’re biased).
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction – Eargo Max’s noise reduction features allows for more focused, closer conversation at restaurants. Eargo Max reduces noise while preserving clarity of speech. Plus, Eargo Max is smart enough to vary based on the environment, reducing noise more as the listening setting gets louder. Our noise reduction features also reduce wind noise while preserving speech.
  • Profile Memory – Simply take your device out, juice it up on the charger, and pick up on the hearing setting where you left off the next morning. As your Sound Profile preferences change, Eargo Max continues to learn your new preferences.
  • Voice Indicator – Instead of counting beeps to try to understand which listening setting you’re tuned into, we’ve added a friendly voice to help indicate each level. You’ll have a voice in your head to help count you through Programs 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Of course, Eargo Max builds upon the coolest features from past devices.  Invisibility has always been at the core of our values. Vanity often prevents many experiencing hearing loss from seeking the solutions they need. Eargo Max’s invisibility allows clients to discreetly treat mild to severe, high-frequency hearing loss under the radar.

Eargo Max

Our rechargeable device not only helps you keep track of where your virtually invisible devices are each night, they help reduce our company’s footprint and keep junk out of the earth’s landfills each year. Plus, no more batteries results in savings upwards of $200 each year. A “green” device that saves money – what could be cooler than that?


An opportunity to support clients remotely with personal hearing guides. Because sometimes being cool requires a little help.  

Gone are the days of arduous visits to the doctor’s office and managing a calendar full of appointments. Eargo offers clients access to world-class medical care over the phone, e-mail or chat, so they can manage their hearing health on their own schedules and preferred devices. Each purchase of Eargo Max provides clients unlimited access to ongoing, convenient support and care with our team of licensed personal hearing guides.

An opportunity to offer clients a clear, cool alternative.

Whether it’s breaking new ground with all-new chip technology, eliminating those infuriating batteries most individuals associate with traditional hearing aids or ensuring our personal hearing guides are available on our client’s time, our ultimate goal is to make our clients feel like they want a hearing aid, not that they need one. That’s why we get out of bed every morning and what drives us everyday. Show us a barrier and we’ll break it, give us a glass ceiling and we’ll shatter it. Cause that’s what you do when you’re trying to re-invent an industry.

An opportunity for members to experience the future of hearing aids, today.

The Hearing Aid of the Future has arrived. Our team of Personal Hearing Guides are all ears to help you Max out your hearing with our coolest hearing aid yet. Request a free sample for fit and feel today and speak with a member of our team on your schedule at 1-800-734-7603.


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  1. Rick carter Reply

    Done a lot of reading eargo sounds good main ? How much does it cost

    • We’re currently selling two products, Eargo Plus and Eargo Max, for $1,950 and $2,450, respectively, with financing options as low as $90/month. Eargo costs about 52% less than the average BTE hearing aid. Our personal hearing guides can walk you through our payment plans and in-home trial at 1-800-734-7603 or https://shop.eargo.com/trial.

    • We’re currently selling two products which include both the left and right hearing aid, a charger and USB cord (we’ve nixed those pesky batteries in favor of a more modern way to power up), our patented, replaceable Flexi Fibers, Wax Guards, and starter services including one-on-one time with our personal hearing guides. Eargo Plus and Eargo Max, which sell for $1,950 and $2,450, respectively, with financing options as low as $90/month. Eargo costs about 52% less than the average BTE hearing aid. Our personal hearing guides can walk you through our financing options, payment plans and in-home trial at 1-800-734-7603 or https://shop.eargo.com/trial.

  2. Does either product have bluetooth because I don’t like the cell phone against my face?

    • We don’t offer Bluetooth connectivity at this time; though it’s on our product docket! It’s important to note not everything that’s on our drawing board ends up in your ears. You can take a look at what our current products have to offer at shop.eargo.com.

    • Raymond Scott Reply

      Unfortunately I had to return my Eargos because they did not fit my ear canal. When they would slip out of place I would slide them but there were times when they would go in too far and I had to dig them out. This was anxiety time. I wish they would have worked for me. Customer service was great. If anyone has a solution let me know.

      • Thank you for trying Eargo, Raymond. We hope you find a hearing solution that meets your needs.

  3. I would like for the device to let you know when your charging is getting low.

    • Gently tap the charge indicator wake-up button at any time. This is an invisible button that’s located between the Eargo logo and the battery symbol. Tapping it will wake up the indicator lights and check the charge levels of the charger and Eargo devices while in the charger.

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