Northern Lights Shed Light On One Client’s Hearing Loss

It isn’t often our clients state that an aurora was what first shone a light on their hearing loss. But life is a highway and Eargo client Ronelle’s 6,000-mile road trip from her Southern California home to the Yukon territory helped her realize her hearing wasn’t as electric (boogie woogie woogie) as Alaska’s famed Northern Lights sky.

Ronelle took the bold trip with her sister, who at six years her senior asked Ronelle to repeat herself time and again, more so than on previous trips. Like a sense of adventure, hearing health obstacles run in the family: Ronelle became more aware of the buzzing in her ears after moving from rowdy Orange County to her woodsy cabin in Wrightwood. Because of her quiet atmosphere, she became even more aware of her surrounding sounds (or lack thereof) – not including her neighbors. When engaging with her community, a “bunch of old ladies” who were yelling because “they’re deaf and wanted to be heard,” Ronelle quickly realized she didn’t want to be “like those people.”

Ronelle’s Hearing Health Journey Begins

Soon after Ronelle’s road trip, she visited a local hearing professional who spoke so loudly that Ronelle was taken aback: “I had to ask the audiologist to bring his voice down. He spoke as though he’s only used to dealing with patients who have a more profound loss.”

Ronelle’s formal ear test resulted in an audiogram that showed she was on the verge of having a mild hearing loss. Her audiologist recommended looking into hearing aids in the coming years. Ronelle, who at the time was looking to “simplify [her] life,” was not sold on Bluetooth-connected, Behind-the-Ear, battery-laden hearing aids. Ronelle’s sister mentioned she had a friend who was aware of a streamlined device that didn’t require batteries. Ronelle’s response? “Email them to me!”

“The Stars are Aligning.”

When Ronelle returned from her road trip, she was ready to investigate simpler hearing aids, stating that she “thinks it’s rude of me to ask others to speak up if I weren’t going to help myself hear more.” Ronelle read our “cleverly-written” website (her words, not ours) to get a better understanding of our modern hearing aids, and canceled another appointment for a free fitting with a local audiologist in favor of our $0 down, 45 day trial. After Ronelle read our entire user manual (now’s not the best time to admit we haven’t even done that, right?) she committed to hearing life to the fullest with Eargo.

Ronelle is proud she took steps to improve her hearing health before her mild hearing loss turned into something more severe, and considers Eargo a “sign of her independence.” Ronelle wouldn’t have committed to a BTE hearing aid that would have forced her to style her hair around her device. The previous VP of Sales and Technical Writer has committed to never wearing heels, stockings or her hair down after exiting the workforce (working women reading this post are likely nodding in resounding agreement). Ronelle appreciates that she can wear her hair in a ponytail or under a baseball cap and that her hearing aids are unaffected. Her active, one-year-old Australian shepherd named Circle agrees: Ronelle wouldn’t appreciate her knocking a hearing aid out every time she jumps up to give her mom kisses.

Ronelle was recently cleaning her Subaru, listening to books on CD, when she heard a strange ticking noise. (Fun fact: drivers have to requests CD players be included in cars in our streaming-first world). Turns out, Ronelle had accidentally turned on her turning signal – the sound quality was nothing like she had heard in recent years by her newfound device’s first Sound Profile that she thought the clicker was broken.

“Eargo Was an Instant Truth.”

So, what does Ronelle have to say about Eargo?

“Eargo was an instant truth: It is truly the (previously) missing link to move from traditional, ugly hearing aid and cupping your hand behind your ear to say ‘speak up.’ Take advantage of their free trial, because it will showcase the company’s professionalism. As a consumer, I try to talk with my money and was happy to reward them with mine. Their team got it right away with a follow-up call to see how the device fit and feel. The hearing aid is light, comfortable and didn’t bother me at all. Eargo was designed for me: a modern, old-fashioned item. I am a believer.”


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