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How Eargo Hearing Aids Helped Mark Hear His Grandson Again

Mark’s Hearing Loss Journey

Running, biking, tennis, yoga—you name it, Mark Feld does it. 

But when faced with hearing loss, Mark worried his active lifestyle was coming to an end. Nope. Not even close. But let’s backtrack a little.

Mark first noticed a change in his hearing in 2003 when he started to hear a ringing in both ears. Was it annoying? Sure. But could he live with it? Absolutely. 

A few years later, Mark began experiencing more signs of hearing loss. He found it hard to participate in conversations with friends and family, and going out to dinner became impossible. The background noise made it incredibly difficult for Mark to take part in the action. He frequently missed things his daughters would say, and “could you repeat that?” became his go-to mantra.

Mark won’t let hearing loss slow him down.

But even after all of that, Mark still didn’t want to admit he needed a hearing aid.

So what did it? What was the straw that broke the camel’s back? It must have been something pretty big, right? Well, it was actually something a little on the smaller side: his 7-year-old grandson. He asked Mark a question, and Mark’s answer didn’t make sense. Mark’s daughter overheard the interaction and asked if he had any idea what his grandson had just said.

He didn’t. But what his grandson said next, Mark heard loud and clear: “It’s OK. Poppy doesn’t hear a lot.” 

Mark was crushed. He suddenly realized he was missing out on valuable moments with his grandson, and he didn’t want this to be the new norm. So Mark made a decision: It was time to tackle his hearing loss head-on. And with the help of his daughter, he started researching hearing aids. He knew he wanted something that would fit his on-the-go lifestyle and something no one would know he was wearing. 

How a Trip to b8ta Changed Mark’s Life Forever

And as luck would have it, Mark came across Eargo, an invisible hearing aid tailored to fit active lifestyles. He was intrigued and thought Eargo might be just what he needed. But before he purchased, he wanted to meet it in person and see if it really lived up to the hype. 

So Mark and his daughter made their way to San Francisco to try Eargo at their local b8ta, a showroom dedicated to trying new tech devices. With the help of an extremely knowledgeable b8ta employee, Mark popped a pair of Eargos in his ears and guess what?

They lived up to the hype. 

Mark could hear conversations clearly, and they disappeared in his ear canal like magic. One of the first things his daughter said was, “That’s so cool, you can’t even see them!” 

Eargo on display at b8ta

The test drive at b8ta convinced Mark that Eargo was the product for him, and he left the store with a brand new set and a brand new lease on life. “Life has been really different [ever since],” he says. 

He’s able to communicate easily with friends and family, and he can go out to dinner without worrying about missing a moment. And because no one has to know Mark is wearing Eargos, he can continue doing his favorite activities without worrying about anyone thinking he’s slowing down. 

The only thing Mark regrets? Not treating the problem earlier. He lived with anxiety and conflict for years, and his hearing loss lead to countless arguments that could have otherwise been avoided. But with his new invisible hearing aids, Mark’s back to enjoying life to the fullest.

And perhaps most importantly, he always has the right answer for his grandson. Want to experience Eargo for yourself? There are 16 b8ta locations across the country. Find a showroom near you and drop in today.

If you don’t live near a b8ta but still have some burning Eargo related questions, call our Personal Hearing Guides at 1-800-734-7603. They’ll be happy to help answer all your questions and point you in the right direction. 

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