Eargo Hearing Aids are Different

They have made a significant lifestyle change for me.

Eargo’s team of personal hearing guides work tirelessly to improve the lives of the 48 million Americans experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss. Joe Sabin is our latest (they’re all the greatest) success story. He recently tweeted about his Eargo experience and in particular about his near-effortless experience with our PHGs.

@JoeSabin tweets about his Eargo experience.

As if this tweet-laden thread wasn’t enough, Joe took the time to create a video discussing how his Eargo hearing aids have improved his life. We bet you can’t even see his Eargos (and the house always wins).

The experience I’ve had with the Eargo staff has been absolutely fantastic.

Eargo’s Hearing Health Professional’s Experience with Joe Sabin – Written by Rob Carona, Personal Hearing Professional

I’m Rob, and I was the Personal Hearing Guide here at Eargo to work with Joe when he initially inquired about our hearing aids. Like a lot of our customers, Joe had never worn hearing aids before. As I hear time and time again from the people I speak to, navigating the process of finding the right hearing aid, or simply making the life-changing decision to wear one, can be a bit intimidating. It was my goal with Joe and with every person who contacts Eargo to connect with them and understand their personal situation and hearing ability. At Eargo, all of us want the people we work with to feel at ease, fully informed, and confident about their decision to improve their hearing.

Through an initial quick conversation, I was able to determine whether Eargowould work for him. He was helpful in providing information about his hearing issues and lifestyle and was open with his concerns about hearing aids. Joe was excited to learn that there was no need to visit a doctor or go through a lengthy, involved process to obtain a hearing solution.

After our conversation, Joe decided to dive right in and make an investment in his hearing. We have kept in touch over the months following and as you read from his Eargo experience, despite even with some technical difficulties that he allowed us to resolve, he couldn’t be happier.

It is my hope that others will not hesitate to reach out to us…we don’t bite, and we aren’t a sales-ey bunch. My colleagues and I want what is best for you and will do everything in our power to help you improve your hearing and quality of life.

If you felt like people were mumbling and conversations were difficult to follow, you’ll find the Eargos will give you a great change as far as your hearing is concerned. I now hear people talking clearly, I can follow conversations in restaurants – it’s been quite a change.

Dive into a world of better hearing with Eargo’s easy to use, easy to try and easy to buy hearing aids. Our personal hearing guides (just like Rob) are waiting for you to make your splash. Request a free sample for fit and feel and call us today at 1-800-734-7603 with questions about our modern hearing aids. We’re all ears!



Rob is a Personal Hearing Guide at Eargo. He loves connecting with people and learning what makes them tick. As a musician and songwriter in Nashville, the business of hearing is near and dear to his heart.

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