Eargo Plus has been a wonderful change for the both of us. I can also hear my grandchildren so much better – and they don’t whisper as much as I thought.

– Cheryl Shay

Cheryl’s Eargo Journey

Introduction – by Steve Eagon

I’d like to think I’m an active person with an on-the-go family life and a few hobbies to boot. But when I met Cheryl Shay, an Eargo Plus user, I understood this fan takes active living to a new level. Cheryl resides in Bend, OR with her husband of 48 years, Mike. Maintaining a quality of life that allows her to live to the fullest is the driving reason she sought help for her hearing. Cheryl is happy to share her success with Eargo and hopes it will inspire others to seek hearing help and live the life they deserve. After learning about her Eargo journey, I’m confident it will.

 My Eargo Journey – by Cheryl Shay (as told to Steve Eagon)

What does Cheryl do to stay active? For starters, she bikes, kayaks, hikes, enjoys her swimming routine in a local lake, plays golf, and skis during winter. She decided to return to college and receive her graduate degree at 54! When Cheryl began to notice her hearing ability adversely impacting her lifestyle six years ago, she began to think about her mother and grandmother who also dealt with hearing challenges. For example, while hiking with others, Cheryl couldn’t understand conversations in front of her and was always adjusting her place in line (read more about symptoms of hearing loss). At home, her great room has high ceilings which caused more than her share of “huh” and “what,” and for her to frequently ask her husband to repeat himself.

My Eargo Journey – Cheryl Shay
My Eargo Journey – Cheryl Shay
My Eargo Journey – Cheryl Shay

3 Challenging Turning Points

Cheryl noted three turning points in close succession that moved her to take action. The first was a trip to San Francisco when she struggled to understand her grandchildren, who she thought were whispering on the windy, hilly streets. According to Cheryl, on a trip to Hawaii, she “missed so much and noticed that people were accommodating me which made me feel terrible.” The “crowning blow”, as she states, was a night out with friends that left her exhausted straining to hear and feeling anxiety while trying to keep up with conversations.

How Cheryl Get Her Life Back

Not knowing where to start, Cheryl turned to a local warehouse store and purchased in her words, “a single amplifier device” that fit on top of her ear. The fit was uncomfortable, visible, and had poor sound quality. Even after her negative first experience, Cheryl was determined to improve her hearing and refused to give up. Fortunately, her son Matt heard about Eargo Plus while at a local non-profit music event in California and highly recommended she investigate the company.

Cheryl visited the Eargo website and quickly determined that Eargo Plus was exactly the type of hearing device she wanted. She placed her order, her devices arrived, and according to Cheryl, “The results were immediate and life-changing!”

Cheryl ordered the Eargo Plus and according to her, “The results were immediate and life-changing!”

Eargo Plus Made a Huge Difference in My Life

The following is Cheryl’s account of what life is like now that she’s using Eargo Plus. “The first time I put them in, I tested them with Mike in the great room of our house. I could understand him even with the high ceilings! Eargo Plus has been a wonderful change for the both of us. I can also hear my grandchildren so much better – and they don’t whisper as much as I thought. When I go out with friends, I rarely ask people to repeat themselves and I’m not fatigued anymore from trying to follow a conversation.”

The sound quality is simply excellent! I also have to say I love the comfort and the fact the devices don’t plug my ears. And the charger is so convenient and easy to use!

Ongoing Journey with Committed Eargo Customer Support

When her journey to better hearing began, Cheryl was determined to have a better experience than she witnessed with her mother and grandmother. When I asked her for any advice she would give to others experiencing hearing difficulty, Cheryl didn’t hesitate with a response. She said, “Please don’t wait too long. I had a knee replacement and got my life back. Eargo Plus did the same for my hearing. I got tired of being outside the conversation and I’m back in the conversation now. Yes, it’s a big step, but Eargo’s customer service is amazing and they’ll make sure they put you on the right path to success!”


If you suffer from hearing loss, or even if you just have trouble hearing in noisy places, consider this your opportunity to hear life to the fullest again — the way nature intended. Request a free sample for fit and feel today and our team of personal hearing guides are all ears at 1-800-734-7603.



Steve is Eargo’s Head of Sales Operations. With over 25 years experience as an audiologist, Steve has helped countless patients over the years.

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