Why do I wear Eargo? Easy – They fit right into my lifestyle.

Charley’s Eargo Journey

Introduction – by Steve Eagon

Recently, I was most fortunate to be speaking with Charley, a recent Eargo customer, and what struck me most from our conversation was that he’s incredibly passionate about life – period. When he talks about things that matter to him, you just feel it. Charley shares so much pride for his town of Columbia, Missouri and the philanthropic efforts he steers for his beloved high school, Hickman High. He gushes about his two children and five grandchildren, his wife of 17 years (Karen), and his favorite hobbies. But it doesn’t stop there, Charley is a working DJ at various events and loves photography. This is one person that is truly living life!

My Eargo Journey – by Charley Blackmore (as told to Steve Eagon)

Charley is a proud Veteran and has been around music for decades. Since 1977 and to this day, he loves being a DJ at high school dances and various community events. Being exposed to loud music for as long as he has, Charley believes this contributed heavily to the hearing problems he started noticing several years ago. This was first noticeable when he couldn’t understand soft spoken voices in conversations, on TV, or when he would go out and see movies with Karen. It reached a point when he stopped going to the movie theater because, “Why should I pay money to go to the theater when I can’t understand what they were saying?” Around the house, Karen noticed Charley would frequently ask her to repeat herself, and he would say “huh?” and “what?” numerous times.

How It All Started

When Charley decided to take the steps to improve his hearing, his passion towards life led him on his journey to find a solution that had to fit into his “on the go” lifestyle. Charley had his hearing tested at a few professional offices in his area, including a local university. He tried hearing aids from a warehouse store but those frustrated him because they were worn over his ear and got in the way of his glasses. Other hearing professionals provided quality products and service, but the traditional approach just wasn’t delivering the solution he wanted. This early part of his better hearing journey left him disillusioned.

I just didn’t have any hope there was a hearing device that would help me.

Thankfully, he didn’t give up. An advertisement for Eargo caught his attention because it offered a small discreet solution that wouldn’t interfere with his glasses and was simply unique in its design. Charley ordered a pair and the rest is history, or as Charley’s story might suggest – “music to his ears.”

Experiencing My Eargo Devices

I asked Charley what life is like now that he’s wearing his Eargo devices? With no hesitation, he said, “I hear much better in every situation when using my Eargos. From going out to dinner with friends, having conversations while driving, and seeing movies with Karen, my hearing is noticeably improved.” He then added, “I just really like the design and how comfortable they are. They fit right into my lifestyle and are so easy to use.” Charley also appreciates how his Eargos help when he is doing a DJ gig; “They make understanding what people say so much easier, even when it’s loud.” While discussing the devices, Charley was adamant about mentioning the customer service support he’s received – “Everyone there has helped me so much. Between questions and other things, I can’t rate the customer support any higher!”

Why Eargo? There’s simply nothing better.

Lastly, I asked Charley what advice he would pass along to others noticing hearing difficulty. “Well, I would do what I normally do. I’d take my Eargos out of my ears and say – there, look at this. I tell them how well they work and how comfortable they are, and how they provide a much more affordable solution.” We at Eargo couldn’t ask for more. Thanks, Charley!


Steve is Eargo’s Head of Sales Operations. With over 25 years experience as an audiologist, Steve has helped countless patients over the years.

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