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Building Trust: “Eargo Had Me at Hello” [Success Story]

Building Trust: “Eargo Had Me at Hello”

 Marti summed up her Eargo experience with a familiar phrase: “You had me at hello!” Marti was overjoyed at our process from her initial conversation to the continued support she receives after her purchase. 

Steve’s Conversation with Marti R.

Annie, one of our Personal Hearing Professionals, recently introduced me to one of her clients, Marti from Alabama. We discussed Marti’s journey to purchasing Eargo and how happy she is to be hearing more of life. Annie felt Marti’s Eargo experience would resonate with many of you at the beginning of your own Eargo journey.

Marti’s hearing problems initially seemed typical, that is mild to severe, high-frequency hearing loss that is common among many of our customers. The 12-year Rotary Club member was challenged with hearing friends and speakers during Monday lunches and it was difficult for her to hear speech with normal, everyday conversations, including those with her husband. Marti found herself asking Steve, her husband, to repeat himself frequently, and it was affecting them both.

Marti visited her local ENT, who confirmed that she did indeed have some hearing loss. After her ENT recommended a behind-the-ear hearing aid, Marti admitted she “was surprised and even upset at the thought of wearing a big bulky hearing aid [because she wears her] hair short and was concerned about [her] appearance.” Months later, Marti began to explore alternate hearing solutions when her husband brought Eargo to Marti’s attention.

Marti summed up her Eargo experience with a familiar phrase: “You had me at hello!” Marti was overjoyed at our process, from her initial conversation with her personal hearing guide to the continued support she receives after her purchase. When researching our company, Marti asked many of the same questions we commonly hear from first-time clients about the apprehension to “take a chance on an Internet-based company like Eargo,” explaining she was under the impression that most online-based companies are mostly interested in making a sale, and less concerned with building lasting customer relationships. I asked her what ultimately lead her to purchase Eargo devices. Her answer was simple and spoke to the trust we had earned with her. Naturally, I was curious to learn what allowed Marti to build trust so quickly.

Here are the three points Marti discussed that made Eargo a trustworthy “no-brainer” in her mind:

  1. Eargo’s Personal Hearing Guides were friendly and relatable from her first phone call. Marti’s initial contact didn’t try to “sell her” on our hearing aids, but rather was concerned about ensuring whether Eargo was the right hearing aid for her needs.
  2. Eargo’s follow-through. For example, when Marti’s husband had questions about our rechargeable batteries, he was able to speak with an Eargo audiologist to have his technical questions addressed and answered.
  3. Our 45-day easy returns* period that afforded her the time to evaluate the effectiveness of Eargo with her hearing loss and lifestyle. She felt comforted in the fact that if her Eargo devices didn’t provide the desired results, she could simply call us, ship them back and return them for a refund, minus a $99 handling fee*.

So, how is Marti doing now? In her own words, “Trying Eargo was like living out the phrase, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words!’” When Marti wore her Eargo devices for the first time to her weekly Rotarian lunch, she no longer needed to lean in when other people were speaking, or to ask people to repeat themselves. As Marti told me, “I was immediately back in the mainstream of what was going on!” Marti is more aware of the world around her, hears more clearly at church, and her husband is thrilled with the difference.

Lastly, I asked Marti what advice she would have for others considering purchasing Eargo hearing aids. “First, you don’t know what you don’t know. Eargo is like no other hearing aid on the market and other clients shouldn’t be afraid to try it. I was very resistant and hesitant at first, and the process of hearing better couldn’t have been easier with y’all.” We’re fixin’ to pat ourselves on the back with a compliment like that from our newest favorite Southerner!

Interested in taking the first step on your journey to better hearing? Request a sample kit for fit and feel today to march toward better hearing, or call our Personal Hearing Guides at 1-800-734-7603 to learn how Eargo can help you gain 100% confidence in your hearing.


*As of 4/22/19: Eargo systems come with 45 day easy returns and are subject to a $99 handling fee. Eargo will not withhold a handling fee for the following states: California, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and West Virginia.

Steve Eagon, M.A., Audiologist

Steve is Eargo’s Head of Sales Operations. With over 25 years experience as an audiologist, Steve has helped countless patients over the years.

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Steve Eagon, M.A., Audiologist

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