Do You Have Borderline Hearing Loss?

When should you speak with a hearing health professional about borderline hearing loss?

Hold up. What exactly is borderline hearing loss? According to Wilks Hearing Center, borderline, or minimal, hearing loss occurs when someone has difficulty comprehending faint or distant speech, when it is neither faint nor distant (picture a freight train, coming straight toward your ears).[1]

Individuals coping with borderline hearing loss may only have trouble in particularly noisy situations – think Sunday dinners with your large, Italian family, or watching television when a friend implies the volume may be too high. It’s probably safe to assume your TV’s volume is indeed too loud when your neighbor is incessantly ringing your doorbell or banging on your front door.

This level of hearing loss may not seem problematic enough to get you out of that Barcalounger to venture to your local ear, nose and throat doctor. It’s often a spouse, family member or friend who encourages (er, forces) them to book an appointment for a hearing test, even if they do it from the comfort of a recliner as Eargo’s innovative telehealth care allows. 

Have you been told you’re a borderline candidate for hearing aids?

According to Hearing Charities[2], there is often a seven-year window between when an individual realizes they have hearing loss and taking action.

“The traditionally accepted—and often quoted—time lapse between a person noticing a reduction in hearing (and/or listening ability) and subsequently acquiring a professional consultation and/or acquiring hearing aids is seven long and frustrating years. Of course, some people seek amplification sooner and some delay longer. However, ‘seven years’ appears to be the average ‘lag time’ for those who acquire amplification.”

Hearing health professionals sometimes tell borderline candidates that hearing aids won’t work for their type of loss, or that the exorbitant costs commonly associated with traditional hearing aids isn’t worth the financial investment to treat what their audiologist considers a lower level of hearing loss. Hearing professionals sometimes suggest clients monitor their hearing and return after an extended period of time, often up to a year, so their client’s level of hearing loss gets a little worse before the loss is considered significant enough to take action to improve. This strategy (or lack thereof) rightfully sets off blaring sirens in our personal hearing guides’ heads.

What the client, and often the hearing professional, can neglect to realize is the fact that scheduling an appointment with an ENT or hearing professional is proof enough that the client, or spouse, family member or friend, is troubled enough by their hearing loss to research solutions. The proof is often in the proverbial pudding when said client pops their hearing aids in and introduces their ears to a new world filled with sounds that are much more clear.

new world

Make hearing aids work for you.

Another hurdle to leap is the ever-growing mental block of accepting having to wear hearing aids all day, every day. Once a borderline candidate chooses to treat their level of hearing loss, they are pushed by a hearing health professional to wear hearing aids around the clock. If you’re struggling to see yourself as someone who wears hearing aids all day, realize that you don’t have to. Lightbulb moment, indeed.

light bulb moment

If those Sunday dinners are the only situation when you’re experiencing trouble hearing, remove your hearing aids after dessert. Same thing goes for loud TV: Has the game ended? Or, is another pop singer taking you through a medley of their “greatest” hits during The Big Game’s halftime show? Remove your devices! Eargo’s comfortable, easy-to-use (and remove) hearing aids allow you to hear more of life on your terms.

Hear what you want, when you want with Eargo. Our personal hearing guides want to help well, guide, you to a hearing solution that works for your borderline hearing loss on your terms. Take the first step toward better hearing. Request a free sample for fit and feel today and speak with a member of our team on your schedule at 1-800-734-7603.




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