My life has improved dramatically with Eargo Max! I can hear again. I am aided by hearing aids that you can’t see and I am the life of the party once again!

– Bill Mykytka

Bill’s Eargo Max Journey to Hear the Sweet Spot in Life Again!

Introduction – by Steve Eagon

In January of this year we introduced Eargo Max to our lineup and couldn’t have been more excited! The core features that created the Eargo buzz a few years ago – virtually invisibility, rechargeability, unsurpassed comfort, and an accessible price point – were greatly enhanced with a new digital processor (or the “engine” as we like to call it). Eargo Max now provides improved sound quality with 3 levels of noise reduction, dynamic feedback control, sound profile memory, and convenient voice indicators. Yeah, our engineers have been really busy. And our clients are loving it, we even received an incredible offer from “Shoreline” Bill Mykytka to be an Eargo Max ambassador. His story is one we hope inspires others to try Eargo Max and live life to their fullest!

My Eargo Max Journey – by Bill Mykytka (as told to Steve Eagon)

Bill Mykytka with active lifestyle using Eargo Hearing Aids

I have two jobs. In the mornings I work for the City of Mountain View as a Volunteer Coordinator and Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator. In the afternoon and weekends, I am a PGA golf instructor at the local golf course.

Eargo has been a life saver for me! About 5 years ago, I was told that I had “Severe Hearing Loss” and would need hearing aids. In my meeting at that time, I told the folks at the hearing center that I only would look at hearing aids that you couldn’t see! I was told that my hearing was bad enough that I needed the type of hearing aid that was visible behind the ear. I was only 53 at the time, and I am very immature for my age, so I chose not to get hearing aids because I felt that they would make me look old!

So I suffered. I went to meetings and tried to sit in the middle of the table so I could hear what people were saying. I found myself not participating in these business meetings because I couldn’t hear what people were saying. I found myself trying to sneak my cupped hand up to my ear to try to hear. For the most part, I smiled a lot, shook my head in acknowledgment and had no idea what anybody was talking about.

Bill Mykytka with active lifestyle using Eargo Hearing Aids

At my job at the golf course, I teach some young kids with high register voices. The high registers that I can’t hear! I found myself asking the kids to repeat what they said, many times more than once. Sometimes I would just laugh like I heard what they said, but I really didn’t.

Finally at home, my wife got sick of me saying “What?” when she was trying to have a conversation with me! She told me to get some hearing aids!

It was Christmas and I went to a Christmas party with my brother-in-law’s friends. I couldn’t hear what anybody was saying in the large room with lots of people. I was always the life of the party in my younger days. It’s hard to be the life of the party when you don’t have a clue as to what other party goers are talking about! At the party, I met a guy who after realizing I was hard of hearing, told me about Eargo.

I was very happy to that Eargo could help my hearing and was hidden in my ear canal. This is exactly what I was looking for!

I gave them a try! 

Eargo Max has been all I could have ever wanted!

Bill Mykytka with active lifestyle using Eargo Hearing AidsAt work, I can sit anywhere in the room during one of our meetings and I can hear every word! I am more engaged in the meetings now, because I can hear what my fellow workers are talking about!

At the golf course, my students don’t have to repeat themselves over and over anymore! I can hear everyone including the kids with the high register voices!

At home, my wife is thrilled! I can understand every word she says to me!

I don’t hide the fact that I wear hearing aids. When I tell my co-workers and golf students I am wearing my Eargo, they look at my ears and say….”You are wearing them now?! You can’t even see them!”

My life has improved dramatically with Eargo Max! I can hear again. I am aided by hearing aids that you can’t see and I am the life of the party once again!

Thanks, Eargo Max!!


Steve is Eargo’s Head of Sales Operations. With over 25 years experience as an audiologist, Steve has helped countless patients over the years.


  1. Bottom line, what do these things cost.?
    Is there a reduction if bought for total cost at onset rather than in dribbles?
    Are the components hypo allergenic?
    Have been seen by two audiologist and ENT’s and presently have tubes in due to severe allergies of summer so advised to wait until frost to pursue further hearing issues.
    My insurance (United Healthcare) offers a ‘deal’ if I can supply the information I now have after seeking specialist’ help so I need to budget shop, big time.

    NOT phone fan presently so don’t bother.

    • Thank you for your questions, Larry! We’re currently selling two products which include both the left and right hearing aid, a charger and USB cord (we’ve nixed those pesky batteries in favor of a more modern way to power up), our patented, replaceable Flexi Fibers, Wax Guards, and starter services including one-on-one time with our personal hearing guides. Eargo Plus and Eargo Max, which sell for $1,950 and $2,450, respectively, with financing options as low as $90/month. Our biocompatible device costs almost 50% less than the average BTE hearing aid. We do not currently handle any insurance reimbursements as it helps help keep costs down for our clients. If your provider covers hearing aids, our audiologists will complete a superbill for you). Our personal hearing guides can walk you through our financing options, payment plans and in-home trial at 1-800-734-7603 or

  2. I have 2 recent ear tests (within a few years) for high frequency hearing loss.
    Are the 4 sound profile settings for 4 different types of high frequency hearing loss???
    Are there also volume settings that are different than the 4 sound profile settings???
    What are differences between the $1,950 and $2,450 products???

    • Eargo was designed for adults experiencing mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss and may not be appropriate for those experiencing more severe to profound loss. Our device’s four Sound Profiles adjust to amplify sound based off of each client’s needs. Eargo Max was designed to enhance hearing for those with more of a moderate hearing loss, and comes equipped with our best audio fidelity yet, smart noise reduction to keep background speech where it belongs, and sound profile memory to make your hearing experience as convenient as possible. H(ear)’s more:

  3. Dennis D Petersen Reply

    My wife and I both have mild hearing loss: I in my left ear and she in her right ear. Would we be able to purchase one pair of eargo max devices and each use one? i.e. She the right and I the left. We are on a fixed budget.

    • You certainly would, Dennis! Our hearing aids can be worn interchangeably between ears. Your Personal Hearing Guide can help from h(ear) at 1-800-734-7603.

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