We know what you’re thinking, how did they make Eargo Max come to life? Well, it wasn’t easy. To tell their story, we sat down with two members of Eargo’s brain trust, Daniel Shen (Founder and Chief Clinical & Science Officer – think Spock without the pointy ears) and Manny Ocano (Director of Clinical Support and master of the perfect mustache). Their mission is to ensure Eargo boldly goes where no hearing aid has gone before… namely, your ears.

Behind the Hearing Aids Brand: The Making of Eargo Max

We picked their brains about the secret sauce that went into creating our best hearing aid yet, Eargo Max. Hear’s your glimpse into how our proverbial sausage is designed and developed:

What drove the research and development of Eargo Max?

  • Daniel: We had the opportunity to improve on Eargo’s devices by introducing more advanced algorithms to improve the technology behind our hearing aids. The data provided by these rules helped us achieve better overall sound quality through background noise suppression and feedback cancellation.
  • Manny: It really started when the team decided to put a new chip in the device to help strengthen the “brains” of our hearing aid. Hearing aids are essentially mini-computers, and with any computer the stronger the chip the more functions are allowed to the computer. Designing Eargo Max provided us the opportunity to introduce a stronger processing chip and updated device features like our voice-prompted Sound Profiles and low-level expansion that provides the wearer a cleaner sound regardless of the gain.

Eargo Max that is changing the hearing aid industry
Eargo Max that is changing the hearing aid industry
Incredibly Comfortable Hearing Aid
Eargo Max Hearing Aids
A hearing aid like no other
Incredibly Comfortable Hearing Aid
Explore the evolution of hearing aid technology

Who was Eargo Max designed for?

  • Daniel: For clients seeking a more advanced listening experience. Max provides the same usability, comfort and invisibility our clients have come to associate with Eargo, only with next-generation algorithms.
  • Manny: Eargo Max was designed for clients with more of a moderate hearing loss who can benefit from the device’s advanced background noise reduction.

What did Eargo’s drawing board process look like? What product features were changed over time?

  • Daniel: It’s safe to say Eargo Max’s development was an agile project – there’s no doubt our team worked quickly. Because we were incredibly receptive of and responsive to our clinical trial participants’ feedback, we were able to return to the drawing board with iterations that served to improve our final product.
  • Manny: As a start-up, we move a lot faster than an R&D team would in a larger company and therefore, our decision-making occurs much more quickly. There are a ton of small details to remember whenever a change is made. We ran nearly constant measurements on the device to determine what kind of audiograms it could fit. Even though Eargo clients save more than 50% by purchasing our hearing aids instead of traditional, BTE devices, our goal is to make sure the cost of our hearing aids is worth the benefit of their investment.


Developing our device.

How did market research and focus group feedback shape decision making?

    • Manny: We fit a gaggle of focus group members with Eargo Max who had previously helped us test Eargo Plus. The R&D team utilized devices with our new presets to focus on helping users with a broader range of hearing loss. Believe it or not (we’re prone to believe it), no one wanted to return our hearing aids when the test ended!
    • Below are quotes from one of our focus group members, George. We asked him to help answer the question, “How much better are you hearing with Eargo Max?”
      • “At the end of the day when I’ve taken them out and put them in the – very cool – charger, I find myself touching my ears several times to remind myself that I have in fact removed them, which just goes to show how unnoticeable they are when I wear them.”
      • “Without Eargo Max I’d really be unable to function in faculty meetings or at noisy parties and restaurants. At the moment my Eargo Max devices activate, a sound window opens, crystal clear, and I’m listening way out into the world. It’s bracing, you know?”

What are Eargo’s hearing aids going to look like 10 or 20 years from now? Help point our lobes in the right direction and tweet us the upgrade you’d most like to see implemented on our devices.


Request a free sample for fit and feel today, and call our team at 1-800-734-7603 to learn how Eargo can enhance your mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss.



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  1. James McCloskey Reply

    Can’t hear on my right of ear starting to get my left side

    • James, we’ll send a note to your personal hearing guide regarding your sample kit request now. Please feel free to dial us directly at 1-800-734-7603.

  2. Russell Childress Reply

    I would love to see the Eargo hearing device with blue tooth capability. Is there any reason why that hasn’t happened yet?

    • It’s on our product docket! It’s important to note not everything that’s on our drawing board ends up in your ears. You can take a look at what our current products have to offer at shop.eargo.com.

  3. What’s important for a charitable battery? It’s type and normal life! What type do you use for Plus models? Can it be replaced? At what cost? Since you say nothing about the battery, assume it is your weak spot!!! Looking forward to that information be ford ordering,as I assume others are.

    • Eargo is a technological device that’s lithium-ion battery life is rated at 1,000 charging cycles, though the lifetime of the product will be dependent on the wearer’s type and frequency of use. As with any piece of electronics, our device’s lifespan is a function of how well you care for them and tech obsolescence. We have Eargo devices that are still fully operational since we began selling them in 2015. Please call our Personal Hearing Guides with questions at 1-800-734-7603.



    • You can learn more about our low-cost financing options, starting at $77 a month for 24 months, at shop.eargo.com. Some organizations that may be able to provide additional assistance obtaining hearing aids are your local Lions Club, United Way Speech and Hearing Centers, as well as Better Hearing Institute’s AUDIENT program. We hope you find a hearing solution that meets your needs.

    • We do not currently handle any insurance reimbursements as it helps help keep costs down for our clients. If your provider covers hearing aids, our audiologists will happily complete a superbill for you. Our hearing experts are all ears at 1-800-734-7603 should you have any questions about using insurance to hear life to the fullest with our modern hearing aids.

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