You have to do this! It will change your life!
– Alexander Flamer

Alexander’s Eargo Journey

Introduction – by Steve Eagon

I first talked to Al Flamer a few months ago when he was thinking about purchasing a set of Eargos. He was speaking with one of our Personal Hearing Guides, and needed some reassurance that Eargo hearing aids would be the right step towards improving his quality of life. Al and I had a nice conversation and he moved forward with his purchase. I’ve since heard that Al is a huge fan of his Eargos and tells people about them all the time. Al is 75 years young, lives in Connecticut, works full-time in software sales, and loves to travel. Having a pure joy for life, Al lives life in the moment and finds himself frequently reflecting on how lucky a life he has. I couldn’t wait to follow-up with him and hear about his personal hearing journey since using his Eargos.

My Eargo Journey by Alexander Flamer (as told to Steve Eagon)

Eargo Plus hearing aid success story

At age 75, my life isn’t slowing down. I love my job selling software compliance solutions, spending time with my girlfriend, Kristin, enjoying good wine and cigars, and visiting my two sons and grandchildren in California. I have so much for which to be thankful. And if something lessens that enjoyment, I want to address it right away. At age 74, I began to notice I wasn’t hearing as well. I found myself saying “what?” and “huh?” to Kristin, and I was asking others to repeat themselves. I especially noticed my hearing loss while watching television. At work, I would miss what colleagues said during conference calls and in other group settings. I decided to make an appointment for a hearing test after recognizing the effects my hearing loss had on my life.

How Much Should My Hearing Aids Cost?

My audiologist told me I had mild hearing loss in the higher pitches. She proposed one solution that involved wearing hearing aids that fit on top of my ear for $5,000. My initial reaction was I didn’t want to wear a visible hearing aid and I didn’t think my hearing loss was so profound to spend as much as $5,000. The audiologist also suggested a general amplifier. With this information, I set out to begin my research.

I found varying types of technology and price points on the Internet. I was looking for an option that fit my lifestyle and had a more affordable price point. After a while, I found Eargo and immediately made a connection with the company. First, the messaging and tone of the marketing immediately spoke to me. I appreciated the lightheartedness and professional presentation of their product. I was also intrigued by the almost invisible size, rechargeability, and price point. My personal hearing professional, Molly, not only answered my questions and made sure I was a good fit for the hearing device but reassured me about Eargo’s follow-up and support. After all this, I was ready to make the leap and I ordered my Eargo Plus devices.

My World Has Come Back to Me

I can still remember the first day I put my Eargos in. I heard my shoes on the steps and everything sounded crisper – just as advertised. Kristin’s voice came in sharper and I wasn’t saying “huh?’ nearly as much. Watching TV and movies is much more clear. I can understand dialogue in meetings much easier and can use my phone’s  headset while wearing my Eargos. I find my Eargos so helpful, I put them in at 7am and take them out at 10pm before I go to bed. They go in the charger and are fully-charged by the next morning. Overall, the performance and innovation for the dollar are right on!

You are on-the-go with your Eargos! You have to do this! It will change your life!

Eargo on the go

One part of the purchase experience I have to mention is the guidance I’ve received from my Personal Hearing Professional, Shelby. Shelby is an audiologist and was there to welcome me into the Eargo family by guiding me through all aspects of using the device. She was great at setting my expectations and I know she’s there for me anytime I need her. She’s part of an overall first-class customer service experience. Think about it – what doctor’s office can you call and actually get someone professional on the phone?  

I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve told about my Eargos and have dared friends to see them in my ears (spoiler: they have a tough time!). When I talk to people who are thinking about trying hearing aids, I tell them about Eargo and simply say, “You have to do this – it will change your life!”

Request a free sample for fit and feel today and call Eargo’s hearing health professionals at 1-800-734-7603 to learn how Eargo can enhance your hearing.

You have to do this! It will change your life!


Steve is Eargo’s Head of Sales Operations. With over 25 years experience as an audiologist, Steve has helped countless patients over the years.

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