John Wenstrup the Santa Claus

‘Twas the Night Before Eargo

‘Tis the season to hear more of life!

Financial analyst by day, St. Nick by night! One of our clients, John W., rewrote the “’Twas the Night Before Christmas,” keeping Eargo’s insanely comfortable, virtually invisible devices in mind. Client-turned-Santa’s seasonal poem is worth a read – even out loud, to your kids or pets. We won’t judge… much!



 Happy Holidays from Eargo  

Hear the joy. Be part of the Christmas banter. There’s no better time than the holidays for better hearing. Give our team of personal hearing elves a call to put the jingle back in your bells. We’re all ears at 1-800-734-7603.

Eargo hearing aids, the best Hearing Aids for Christmas season


Steve is Eargo’s Head of Sales Operations. With over 25 years experience as an audiologist, Steve has helped countless patients over the years.


  1. Wells Wagner Reply

    Not sure I need the aids yet, but checking what is available. Like the price and size.

    • While every human being is unique …it turns out the size of our ear canals is not. So Eargo hearing aids come in two sizes: Regular and Large. Our Regular size is going to be the right fit for about 90% of ears out there. We’re currently selling two products, Eargo Plus and Eargo Max, for $1,950 & $2,450, respectively, with financing options as low as $90/month. Eargo costs almost 50% less than the average BTE hearing aid. Here’s more on our payment plans & in-home trial: Have questions? We’re all ears at 1-800-734-7603.

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