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Hearing Aids

Four Ways to Protect Your Hearing Aids This Summer

While hot weather should not damage your hearing aids, it’s important to protect your hearing devices as temperatures rise. Here are a few ways for you to help keep your devices in tip-top shape during the summer months: 1. Protect Your Hearing Aid from Moisture Showering after a sweltering day? Remember, you’re not naked until

Cheryl ordered the Eargo Plus and according to her, "The results were immediate and life-changing!"
Success Story

My Eargo Journey – Cheryl Shay [Success Story]

Eargo Plus has been a wonderful change for the both of us. I can also hear my grandchildren so much better – and they don’t whisper as much as I thought. – Cheryl Shay Introduction – by Steve Eagon I’d like to think I’m an active person with an on-the-go family life and a few hobbies

Hearing Loss

The Misunderstanding Two-Step: Hearing Loss & Communication

In many ways, our daily conversations with people are like a dance (and you thought you couldn’t dance!). Both involve a lot of verbal (and non-verbal) cues that offer their fair share of awkward moments and the opportunity to insert one’s foot in their mouth. Tones, voices, words, expressions, touches, eye contact, various emotions– all

Eargo News

Get to Know Eargo Plus [Interview]

Today marks an important milestone for our young hearing-aid manufacturing company. After a long but purposeful journey, our newest innovation in hearing health, Eargo Plus, is now available for ordering through our online store. There are hundreds of Eargo Plus customers already, we’ve been taking phone orders since January, and their feedback so far has

Why do I wear Eargo? Easy – They fit right into my lifestyle.
Success Story

Charley’s Eargo Journey [Success Story]

Why do I wear Eargo? Easy – They fit right into my lifestyle. Introduction – by Steve Eagon Recently, I was most fortunate to be speaking with Charley, a recent Eargo customer, and what struck me most from our conversation was that he’s incredibly passionate about life – period. When he talks about things that matter

Hearing Aids

Think You’re Too Young for Hearing Aids? Get Real.

I like to think of myself as a stereotypical laid back Southerner, but I feel the need to blow off some steam which is not usually in my nature. Why, you ask? Being an experienced hearing professional, I’ve had several recent conversations with people who aren’t hearing as well as they’d like, but have chosen

Eargo News

Eargo Gives Back at MusiCares

For many of us, music is a part of living. Although I have been an avid rock disciple over the decades, I have to admit I never picked up or played an instrument. Regardless, music has been and will always be integral to my day. Working at Eargo, we are fortunate to come in contact

After admitting I needed help with my hearing, Eargo finally gave me hope!
Success Story

Jerry’s Eargo Journey [Success Story]

After admitting I needed help with my hearing, Eargo finally gave me hope! Introduction – by Steve Eagon After 25+ years as an audiologist, I never get tired hearing stories about people living a better life while using hearing devices. But after talking with Eargo client Jerry Baggett, and hearing him describe how Eargo devices provided